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This is a brand new blog, so it isn't getting many visitors, but a surprising number of people have found it by searching for "royalty names." I think they're probably looking for baby name ideas.

This is a big topic. Where to start?

Well, the first royal name that comes to my mind is Rex, which is Latin for "king." The feminine counterpart is Regina, Latin for "queen." Britain's Queen Elizabeth II signs official documents Elizabeth R., short for Elizabeth Regina. When her son Prince Charles becomes king, he will sign himself Charles R., for Charles Rex (assuming he reigns under the name Charles).

If you want to name your baby after a king, here are all the names that have been used by English kings since the Norman Conquest in 1066. (I will save Scotland's royal names for a later blog entry.)

Names of kings of England: William, Henry, Stephen, Richard, John, Edward, James, Charles, George

Names of reigning English queens: Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Victoria. Some might also include the names Matilda (for Henry I's daughter Matilda, who is also sometimes called Maud) and Jane (for Lady Jane Grey, who reigned as queen for nine days). It should also be noted that Queen Victoria's full given name was Alexandrina Victoria.

I can't list the names of all the children of English kings and queens here, so let's stick with the children of British monarchs of the past 200 years. (For the sake of simplicity I will give their first names only.)

George III's children: George, Frederick, William, Charlotte, Edward, Augusta, Elizabeth, Ernest, Augustus, Adolphus, Mary, Sophia, Octavius, Alfred, Amelia
George IV's only child: Charlotte
Queen Victoria's children: Victoria, Albert (reigned as Edward VII), Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, Beatrice
Edward VII's children: Albert, George, Louise, Victoria, Maude, John
George V's children: Edward, Albert (reigned as George VI), Mary, Henry, George, John
George VI's children: Elizabeth, Margaret
Elizabeth II's children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward

And here are the names of today's young British royals:

Prince Charles's children: William and Henry (known as Harry)
Princess Anne's children: Peter and Zara
Prince Andrew's children: Beatrice and Eugenie
Prince Edward's child: Louise

Putting all the names above together produces the following lists of names from English royal history. They're not comprehensive lists, but it's a start:

Female: Alexandrina, Alice, Amelia, Anne, Augusta, Beatrice, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Eugenie, Jane, Helena, Louise, Margaret, Mary, Matilda, Maud/Maude, Sophia, Victoria, Zara

Male: Adolphus, Albert, Alfred, Andrew, Arthur, Augustus, Charles, Edward, Ernest, Frederick, George, Henry, James, John, Leopold, Octavius, Peter, Richard, Stephen, William

If you've been looking for info on royalty names, I hope this helps. Please let me know in the Comments section below. (And please tell me if I omitted any names from the lists above.) I'll try to follow up later with blog entries about other countries' royal names.

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  1. Well, no, generally they don't use last names at all. The British royal family name is Windsor, but at school and work Prince William uses the last name Wales because his father is the Prince of Wales. Prince Edward has used Windsor, but his wife has used the last name Wessex because she's the Countess of Wessex. Princess Anne has used the name Windsor-Mountbatten. More info on this page: http://royalty.nu/Europe/England/Windsor/index.html

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