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Royalty in Belgium

Kings of the Belgians since the establishment of the monarchy in 1831:

King Leopold I
Reigned 1831-1865

King Leopold II
Reigned 1865-1909

King Albert I
Reigned 1909-1934

King Leopold III
Reigned 1934-1951; abdicated
(his brother Charles was regent 1944-1950)

King Baudouin
Reigned 1951-1993

King Albert II
Reign 1993-2013; abdicated

King Philippe
Reign 2013-Present

Books About Belgian Royalty

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Belgian Royalty

The Coburgs of Belgium by Theo Aronson. How the Coburgs climbed from their petty German principality to the Belgian throne and a position of enormous world power.

Belgium and the Monarchy: From National Independence to National Disintegration by Herman Van Goethem. Shows how the monarchy in Belgium has changed with the times.

A Throne in Brussels: Britain, the Saxe-Coburgs and the Belgianisation of Europe by Paul Belien. Looks at the history of Belgium and its royal family, and argues that both Belgium and the European Union are artificial states that could fall apart.

The Dining Nobility: From the Burgundian Dukes to the Belgian Royalty edited by Paul Janssens and Siger Zeischka. Looks at what the Belgian nobility ate from the Middle Ages to modern times. This book is in English and French. The French title is La Noblesse á Table.

King Leopold I

Charlotte & Leopold: The True Story of The Original People's Princess by James Chambers. The tragic true story of the doomed romance between Charlotte, heir to the British throne, and Leopold, first King of the Belgians.

My Dearest Uncle: A Life of Leopold, First King of the Belgians by Joanna Richardson. Biography.

King Leopold II

King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild. King Leopold II did not much care for his native land or his subjects. Even so, he searched the globe to find a colony for Belgium. When he found a suitable location in what would become the Belgian Congo, Leopold established a rule of terror. (This review © Amazon.com.)

King Leopold's Soliloquy: A Defense of His Congo Rule by Mark Twain. Criticism of King Leopold II is nothing new, as this sarcastic 1905 work proves.

Children's Books

Leopold II: Butcher of the Congo by Tod Olson. Children's biography of the infamous Belgian king from the "Wicked History" series.

King Albert I

Albert: King of the Belgians by Evelyn Graham. An authorized biography, first published in 1929. Illustrated.

Belgium in the Great War by Jean-Michel Veranneman. In August 1914, the German Empire invaded Belgium. Because of their heroic defense, Belgium and King Albert I enjoyed enormous international prestige.

King Leopold III

Outrageous Fortune by Roger Keyes. King Leopold III was accused of treason for surrendering to the Germans in World War II, but Keyes says he was a scapegoat who saved the British from defeat in 1940.

History of Belgium

Belgium: A History by Bernard A. Cook.

The Low Countries, 1780-1940 (Oxford History of Modern Europe) by E. H. Kossmann. This history of Belgium and the Netherlands is the first major study in English to treat them as nations in their own right, while placing them in a wider European and world context.

A History of the Low Countries by Paul Arblaster. The history of the Benelux area (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) from Roman frontier provinces to the year 2011.

Historical Dictionary of Belgium by Robert Staellaerts. Highlights significant people, describes political and social institutions, and touches on Belgian culture.

A House Divided by Carl Strikwerda. Belgian politics before World War I.


All for Love by Dan Jacobson. It was a great European scandal: She was Princess Louise, daughter of King Leopold II of the Belgians. Her lover was Second Lieutenant Géza Mattachich. Ahead of them lay assignations, a duel, imprisonment, bankruptcy, madness.

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