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Queen Caroline

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The Trial of Queen Caroline: The Scandalous Affair That Nearly Ended a Monarchy by Jane Robins. Tells the story of one of history's least happy couples -- King George IV and Caroline of Brunswick -- and shows how the partisan press brought Britain to the brink of revolution. (Also published under the title "Rebel Queen.")

The Unruly Queen: The Life of Queen Caroline by Flora Fraser. Biography of George IV's wife. Vulgar and undisciplined, Caroline became nearly as well known for her promiscuity as George IV himself. (This review © Amazon.com.)

A Queen on Trial: The Affair of Queen Caroline by E.A. Smith. Letters, journal entries, and newspaper articles present the sensational life and trial of Queen Caroline through the eyes of her contemporaries. An excellent resource.

A Correct, Full, and Impartial Report, of the Trial of Her Majesty Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain, Before the House of Peers by Caroline and J. H. Adolphus. About the official investigation into Caroline's personal life.

A Blackmailer at Frogmore: The Adventures of Queen Caroline's Ghost by James Travers. How the ghostwriter of George IV's estranged wife threatened to reveal royal secrets.

Queen Caroline and Sir William Gell: A Study in Royal Patronage and Classical Scholarship by Jason Thompson. Despised and rejected by her husband, Caroline created a court of her own through patronage of scholarship.

George & Caroline: The Gendered Discourse of a Royal Scandal by Margaret Swanson. When George IV accused his wife of adultery, the middle class defended her and the aristocracy backed him.

Poetry and Popular Protest: Peterloo, Cato Street and the Queen Caroline Controversy by John Gardner. About the poetry written in response to the Peterloo massacre, the Cato Street Conspiracy, and the Queen Caroline controversy.

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Indiscretions of the Queen by Jean Plaidy. Novel about Queen Caroline from Plaidy's Georgian Saga.


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A Royal Scandal. The fascinating story of the misfated union of King George IV and Princess Caroline of Brunswick, a torrid tale of infidelity, illegitimate offspring and royal mistresses, with parallels to today's scandals. From BBC America. Sometimes available at Amazon on videotape.

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