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The Norman Kings

King William I
Called William the Conqueror
Reigned 1066-1087

King William II
Reigned 1087-1100
Killed in a hunting "accident"; probably murdered

King Henry I
Reigned 1100-1135

King Stephen
Reigned 1135-1154

Reigned Before the Normans:

Reigned After the Normans:
The Angevin Dynasty (reigned 1154-1216)

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Books About the Normans

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The Norman Dynasty

England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings, 1075-1225 by Robert Bartlett. Provides a vivid picture of everyday existence in Norman and Angevin times.

The Normans: History of a Dynasty by David Crouch. Looks at the dynasty's history of ruthless ambition, lust, rivalry, and war between brothers and cousins.

Queens of the Conquest by Alison Weir. Spanning the years 1066 to 1154, this book focuses on five English queens, including Matilda of Flanders, Matilda of Scotland, and Empress Maud.

Rulership and Rebellion in the Anglo-Norman World, c.1066-c.1216 edited by Paul Dalton and David Luscombe. Essays about the power, government, and influence of kings, queens and other lords.

Books About Royal Genealogy
Books About the Norman Conquest
Books About the Angevin Kings

The Norman People

The Normans by Marjorie Chibnall.The emergence of the Normans, their characteristics as a group, and their various achievements in war, culture and civilization.

The Normans in Europe by Elizabeth Van Houts. Topics include the process of assimilation between Scandinavians and Franks and the emergence of Normandy; the internal organization of the principality; the role of women and children in Norman society.

Kings, Lords and Courts in Anglo-Norman England by Nicholas Karn. How the changing pattern of assemblies and courts helped to redefine lordship, peasant status, and royal authority.

King William I

Books About William the Conqueror

King William II Rufus

William Rufus by Frank Barlow. King William II, better known as William Rufus, was William the Conqueror's favorite son. A very unpopular king, William Rufus was murdered in 1100, perhaps at the instigation of his own brother. This biography presents William Rufus in an unusually sympathetic light.

King Rufus: The Life and Mysterious Death of William II of England by Emma Mason. This biography of William Rufus, who reigned from 1087 to 1100, promises to reveal the truth behind his death, settling one of medieval England's most enduring mysteries.

William II: The Red King by John Gillingham. Killed by an arrow while hunting, William Rufus was a ruthless, irascible man, but he established permanent Norman rule in England and handed out effective justice.

Robert Curthose

Robert Curthose: Duke of Normandy, c.1050-1134 by William Aird. Twice driven into exile, Robert defeated his father, William the Conqueror, in battle and eventually succeeded to the duchy of Normandy.

The Conqueror's Son: Duke Robert Curthose, Thwarted King by Katherine Lack. Biography of William the Conqueror's eldest son, whose throne was usurped by his brothers William Rufus and Henry I.

King Henry I

Henry I by C. Warren Hollister, edited by Amanda Clark Frost. A scholarly portrait from the Yale English Monarchs Series.

Henry I: King of England and Duke of Normandy by Judith Green. According to this biography, Henry was a fascinating but repellent personality. His outlook was traditional, and he made significant developments in governance.

Henry I: The Father of His People by Edmund King. The youngest of William the Conqueror's sons, Henry become one of the greatest medieval monarchs.

The White Ship: Conquest, Anarchy and the Wrecking of Henry I's Dream by Charles Spencer. In 1120, the king's heir and hundreds of other Anglo-Normans drowned, throwing the crown violently off course.

Matilda of Scotland and the Development of Medieval Queenship by Lois L. Huneycutt. Matilda, daughter of Malcolm II of Scotland, was the wife of King Henry I of England.

The Earl, the Kings, and the Chronicler by Robert B. Patterson. The first biography of Robert, Earl of Gloucester, illegitimate son of Henry I, who hired William of Malmesbury to produce a history which justified the empress Matilda's claim to the English throne.

Empress Matilda

The Empress Matilda: Queen Consort, Queen Mother and Lady of the English by Majorie Chibnall. Biography. Granddaughter of William the Conqueror and daughter of Henry I, Matilda was denied the throne largely because she was a woman.

Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior by Catherine Hanley. This biography explores Matilda's campaign to claim the title of queen, and argues that her reward was to see her son Henry II become king.

Empress Matilda: Uncrowned Queen of England by Nesta Pain. Biography.

Twice Royal Lady by Hilary Green. A novel about Empress Matilda, daughter of England's King Henry I, and her decision to fight for her rights as her father's heir.

The Anarchy

Stephen and Matilda's Civil War: Cousins of Anarchy by Matthew Lewis. Empress Matilda is remembered as high-handed, King Stephen as indecisive. This book follows both sides of their dispute to reach a more rounded understanding.

Stephen: The Reign of Anarchy by Carl Watkins. The reign of Stephen (1135-1141) saw England plunged into a civil war that illuminated the fatal flaw in the powerful Norman monarchy.

Stephen and Matilda: The Civil War of 1139-53 by Jim Bradbury. Civil war dominated the reign of King Stephen. This is a complete account of the complex military situation.

The Anarchy: The Darkest Days of Medieval England by Teresa Cole. Charts the conflict that followed King Stephen's seizure of the crown from Henry I's daughter Matilda.

King Stephen and The Anarchy: Civil War and Military Tactics in Twelfth-Century Britain by Chris Peers. Describes the struggle between Stephen of Blois and the Empress Matilda for the English crown between 1135 and 1154.

The Anarchy of King Stephen's Reign edited by Edmund King. Leading scholars explain how the English monarchy was able to survive anarchy.

King Stephen

King Stephen by Edmund King. Biography that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a king who lost control of his destiny.

King Stephen by Donald Matthew. This biography challenges traditional assumptions about the disastrous nature of this English king's reign.

King Stephen's Reign (1135-1154) edited by Paul Dalton and Graeme J. White. Leading scholars assess the English king's turbulent reign.

King Stephen by R. H. C. Davis. This biography is considered the standard account of its subject.

The Reign of King Stephen: 1135-1154 by David Crouch examines every aspect of Stephen's reign.

Novels About Stephen & Matilda

When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman. Well-regarded novel about Empress Matilda (Maude) from a popular author of royal fiction. Followed by Time and Chance, about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Devil's Brood.

Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick. Novel about two 12th century royal English women: Adeliza, widow of King Henry I, and Empress Matilda, the king's daughter.

The Forgotten Queen by Haley Elizabeth Garwood. Novel about Empress Matilda.

The Fatal Crown by Ellen Jones. Empress Maud and future king Stephen fall in love while vying for the English throne.

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