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King Charles I

King Charles I succeeded to the throne after the death of his father, James I. King Charles reigned from 1625 to 1649. His conflicts with Parliament led to the English Civil War. The royalist Cavaliers lost to the Puritan forces, called "Roundheads," and the king was imprisoned. Eventually he was tried for treason, convicted, and beheaded.

The royal family went into exile. The new Commonwealth was ruled by Oliver Cromwell. The monarchy was not restored until 1660, when Charles I's son, Charles II, returned to England at the invitation of Parliament.

Books About Charles I

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The King

Charles I: A Life of Religion, War and Treason by Christopher Hibbert. Recreates the world of Charles I, his court, and family, and traces the events that led to his execution in 1649.

Charles I: The Personal Monarch by Charles Carlton. This biography challenges the conventional view of the king.

The White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr by Leanda de Lisle. Biography of the high-minded king who paid a terrible price for the personal honor he valued.

Charles I and the People of England by David Cressy. The story of the reign of Charles I, through the lives of his people, based on ballads, sermons, speeches, letters, diaries, petitions, proclamations, and court proceedings.

Charles I: An Abbreviated Life by Mark Kishlansky. A portrait of one of the most talented, thoughtful, loyal, moral, and yet disastrous of all British rulers.

The Personal Rule of Charles I by Kevin Sharpe. Analyzes the personality, principles, and policies of the monarch.

Charles I by Hilaire Belloc. This classic biography is a detailed study of Charles I with all his strengths and weaknesses.

The Spanish Match

The Spanish Match: Prince Charles's Journey to Madrid, 1623 edited by Alexander Samson. In 1623 the future King Charles I donned a false wig and, disguised as "Mr Smith," journeyed to Madrid to secure the hand of the king of Spain's daughter. This book explores the failure of his romantic escapade and what it reveals about diplomacy, taste, art, and dress of the period, as well as its consequences for Anglo-Spanish relations.

The Prince and the Infanta: The Cultural Politics of the Spanish Match by Glyn Redworth. About one of the most bizarre episodes in British history -- the struggle of the future King Charles I to win a Spanish princess as his bride.

The King's Image

The Royal Image: Representations of Charles I edited by Thomas N. Corns. Looks at sympathetic and hostile representations of Charles I during his reign and after his execution.

Image of the King: Charles I and Charles II by Richard Ollard is about the public images and self images of these two kings.

The King's Art Collection

Charles I: King and Collector by Royal Academy of Arts. King Charles I's art collection contained some 2,000 paintings and sculptures. This book, which accompanies a London exhibition, includes essays and illustrations.

The King's Pictures by Francis Haskell. The formation and dispersal of the collections of Charles I and his courtiers.

The Sale of the Late King's Goods by Jerry Brotton. Set against the backdrop of war, revolution, and regicide, this book explores the formation and dispersal of King Charles I's art collection.

Politics, Court, and More

The 1630s: Interdisciplinary Essays on Culture and Politics in the Caroline Era edited by Ian Atherton and Julie Sanders. Essays on the rule of Charles I. Many historians assert it was responsible for putting the country on the road to civil war.

Charles I: A Political Life by Richard Cust. This biography shows that Charles I was not unfit to be a king, but his prejudices and attitudes did much to cause Britain's Civil War.

The King's Smuggler: Jane Whorwood, Secret Agent to Charles I by John Fox. Jane Whorwood was one of Charles I's closest confidantes. She spied and smuggled gold for the king, organized escape attempts when he was prisoner, and may have had a brief affair with him.

An Uncounselled King by Peter Donald is about Charles I and the Scottish troubles, 1637-1641.

The King's Wife

Henrietta Maria by Dominic Pearce. Biography. The wife of Charles I, Henrietta Maria lived through civil war in both England and France. Her life is a story of elegance, courage, and family devotion.

A Royal Passion: The Turbulent Marriage of King Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria of France by Katie Whitaker. Although their marriage was arranged for political purposes, Charles I and Henrietta Maria fell in love..

Henrietta Maria: The Warrior Queen Who Divided a Nation by Leanda de Lisle. This biography portrays Charles I's reviled queen as a dynamic, witty, strong woman.

Henrietta Maria and the English Civil Wars by Michelle A. White. Biography of the wife of King Charles I.

Henrietta Maria: Piety, Politics and Patronage edited by Erin Griffey. Essays on the queen's role as a patron of arts, her position between the French and English courts, and more.

On Display: Henrietta Maria and the Materials of Magnificence at the Stuart Court by Erin Griffey. Analyzes the queen's image through portraits, bed ensembles, tapestries, jewelry, clothing, and devotional goods. Illustrated.

Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe: Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette by Carolyn Harris. The impeachment of England's Queen Henrietta Maria in 1643 and the trial of France's Queen Marie Antoinette in 1793 were also trials of monarchical government.

Politicizing Domesticity From Henrietta Maria to Milton's Eve by Laura Lunger Knoppers. About 17th-century marketing of monarchy through domestic images.

Staging the Old Faith: Queen Henrietta Maria and the Theatre of Caroline England, 1625-42 by Caroline A. Bailey. Queen Henrietta Maria's ground-breaking performances showcased her role as defender of English Catholics.

Queen Henrietta Maria's Court

Women and Culture at the Courts of the Stuart Queens edited by Clare McManus. Literature, theater, patronage, and commissioning in the courts of Anna of Denmark (1603-19) and Henrietta Maria (1625-42).

Mad Madge: The Extraordinary Life of Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, the First Woman to Live by Her Pen by Katie Whitaker. A long-time maid of honor to Queen Henrietta Maria, Margaret married the Duke of Newcastle in 1645. The duchess began publishing her poetry and essays while in exile with the queen, and continued after returning to Britain with the restoration of Charles II.

Lord Minimus: The Extraordinary Life of Britain's Smallest Man by Nick Page. Biography of little person Jeffrey Hudson, who spent 18 years in the household of Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of Britain's King Charles I. He had a truly extraordinary life -- was captured by pirates twice, killed a man in a duel, and eventually became a slave.

The King's Children

Royal Renegades: The Children of Charles I and the English Civil Wars by Linda Porter. A tale of love and endurance, of battles and flight, lonely death and wearisome exile, this is the story of children whose parents could not protect them from the upheaval sweeping England.

The Tragic Daughters of Charles I: Mary, Elizabeth & Henrietta Anne by Sarah-Beth Watkins. Brought up against the background of the English Civil War, the executed king's daughters had different fates, yet none lived to age 30.

Charles I's Daughter Henrietta

The Life of Henrietta Anne, Daughter of Charles I by Melanie Clegg. Married to the brother of France's Louis XIV, Henriette Anne became embroiled in scandals, but she possessed considerable intelligence and political acumen.

The Secret History of Henrietta, Princess of England: First Wife of Philippe, Duc D'Orleans by Madam De La Fayette. The life of "Madame," Henrietta, who had a romance with her brother-in-law, King Louis XIV of France. The author was a novelist who knew Henrietta personally.

Charles II's Minette by Bryan Bevan. another book about Princess Henriette-Anne.

Books About Henrietta's Husband
Book About Charles II
Books About James II

Novels About Charles I & Henrietta Maria

The Young and Lonely King by Jane Lane. Portrays Charles I as a man masked in misery, from the death of his brother Henry to his disastrous marriage with Henriette Marie.

The Severed Crown by Jane Lane. Novel about the later life of Charles I.

Cavalier Queen by Fiona Mountain. Tells the story of the English Civil Wars through the eyes of Charles I's queen, Henrietta Maria.

Loyal in Love by Jean Plaidy. Novel about Henrietta Maria, queen of British king Charles I. Reprint edition. (Previously published under the title Myself My Enemy.)

The Queen's Dwarf: A Novel by Ella March Chase. Young dwarf Jeffrey Hudson is trained to become a spy in the household of King Charles I's 17-year-old bride, Henrietta Maria, but he falls in love with the queen he has been sent to destroy.

Mary of Carisbrooke: The Girl Who Would Not Betray Her King by Margaret Campbell Barnes. The tragic story of Charles I, the last absolute monarch of England, during his imprisonment in Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight, and a servant girl who plots his escape. First published in 1956.

English Civil War

Cromwell to Cromwell: Reformation to Civil War by John Schofield. The English reformers of the 1530s, with Thomas Cromwell at their head, believed strongly in kingly rule. Yet just more than 100 years later, the deferential Reformation had become a regicidal revolution.

Britain in Revolution, 1625-1660 by Austin Woolrych. Definitive history of the English Civil War, set in its full historical context from the accession of Charles I to the restoration of Charles II.

Royalists and Royalism During the English Civil Wars edited by Jason McElligott and David L. Smith. Scholarly essays focusing on royalists as pragmatic, moderate men, not so different from those who sided with Parliament and its army.

Cavalier Generals: King Charles I and His Commanders in the English Civil War by John Barratt. Explores the careers and characters of King Charles, Prince Rupert, and lesser-known Royalist officers.

The English Civil War: An Atlas and Concise History of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, 1639-51 by Nick Lipscombe. A highly detailed cartographic survey of the epic struggle between Parliamentarians and Royalists.

Books About Cromwell and the Commonwealth

Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert: The Last Cavalier by Charles Spencer. The son of Elector Palatine Frederick V, Prince Rupert of the Rhine commanded Royalist forces during the English Civil War. This is the first comprehensive biography of the greatest cavalier of them all.

King Charles, Prince Rupert and the Civil War edited by Charles Petrie. Original letters offer insight into the stormy relationship between Charles I and his nephew.

The Black Legend of Prince Rupert's Dog: Witchcraft and Propaganda During the English Civil War by Mark Stoyle. Boy, a dog belonging to Prince Rupert of the Rhine, became a celebrity. Like his master, Boy was held to possess supernatural powers.

The King's Trial & Execution

The Fall of Charles I by Jane Hayter-Hames. Combines the stories of Charles's three kingdoms (Scotland, Ireland, and England) and shows why he was executed.

The Last Days of Charles I by Graham Edwards. Recounts the trial, execution, and the king's burial.

The Prisoner King: Charles I in Captivity by John Matusiak. A re-examination of the crucial period of Charles I's captivity before his trial, when the entire nation stood at a fateful crossroads.

A King Condemned: The Trial and Execution of Charles I by C.V. Wedgwood. An acclaimed account of the king's trial and his final days. Previously published as A Coffin for King Charles.

"O Horrable Murder" by Robert B. Partridge. Reconstructs the trial, execution, and burial of King Charles I in detail.

The Cult of King Charles the Martyr by Andrew Lacey. King Charles I was viewed by some as a martyr after his execution in 1649. This is the first study to deal exclusively with the cult, from the king's death until 1859.


Charles I's Executioners: Civil War, Regicide and the Republic by James Hobson. The killers of the king were soldiers, lawyers, Puritans, Republicans, and some simply opportunists.

The Tyrannicide Brief: The Story of the Man Who Sent Charles I to the Scaffold by Geoffrey Robertson. About John Cooke, son of a poor farmer, who prosecuted King Charles I.

Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I by Charles Spencer. In 1649, a tribunal passed a death sentence on Charles I. His son later enacted a deadly wave of retribution.

The Regicides and the Execution of Charles I edited by Jason Peacey. Essays with a focus on the relations between the three kingdoms of Britain.

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