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King Edward VI

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Edward VI

Edward VI: The Lost King of England by Christopher Skidmore. Biography. Edward VI, son of Henry VIII, was a boy king in a court where treachery was rife. He kept a secret diary, written partly in Greek.

England's Boy King by Edward VI, edited by Jonathan North. Throughout his short reign, King Edward VI kept a detailed diary recounting events in his kingdom.

Edward VI by Jennifer Loach. A modern biography of the young king.

Edward VI: The Last Boy King by Stephen Alford. Account of a boy learning to come out of the shadows of the aristocrats around him.

Edward VI: Henry VIII's Overshadowed Son by Stephanie Kline. The boy king's brief reign had a lasting impact on religion in England.

Interpreting the Death of Edward VI: The Life and Mysterious Demise of the Last Tudor King by Kyra Krammer. An exploration into the life, illness, and early death of Henry VIII's son.

The Boy King: Edward VI and the Protestant Reformation by Diarmaid MacCulloch. This illustrated book underlines the significance of Edward's turbulent reign.

The Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. A cohesive and impeccably researched book about Edward VI, Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I. This is exciting history and fascinating reading. (This review © Amazon.com.)

The Lord Protector

Edward Seymour: Lord Protector: Tudor King in All But Name by Margaret Scard. On the accession of boy king Edward VI to the throne, his uncle Edward Seymour became the most powerful man in England, but to his fellow councillors he was a traitor.

Edward VI's Reign

The Life and Raigne of King Edward the Sixth by John Hayward, edited by Barrett L. Beer. This history of Edward's reign was first published in the 17th century.

Kingship and Politics in the Reign of Edward VI by Stephen Alford. Explores Edward's remarkably stable reign, and how the Edwardian idea of what it was to be a monarch dominated later Tudor politics.

The King's Council in the Reign of Edward VI by D. E. Hoak. The membership, business and procedure of the privy council during the minority of Henry VIII's son, King Edward VI.

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The Tudor Secret by C. W. Gortner. A young man in the court of King Edward VI investigates a dark plot surrounding the young king's disappearance.

The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. A classic novel, set during the reign of Henry VIII, in which Edward switches places with a look-alike peasant boy. Provides an entertaining picture of the times.

The Prince and the Pauper. 1937 movie adaptation of Twain's novel on DVD. Errol Flynn plays the man who rescues the boys. Formatted for North American audiences.

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