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King Henry VII

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Henry VII by Sean Cunningham. This biography focuses on how Henry ran his government, and the nature of the country he ruled.

Henry VII: Treason and Trust by Sean Cunningham. A short account of how Henry founded the Tudor dynasty and arguably helped to lay the foundations for modern government.

Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England by Thomas Penn. The story of the tragic, magnetic Henry VII -- a controlling, paranoid monarch -- and the birth of the Tudor era.

Henry VII by Roger Lockyer and Andrew Thrush. This study reassesses the policies of the founder of the Tudor dynasty and shows how Henry worked within existing traditions.

Henry VII: The Maligned Tudor King by Terry Breverton. Biography of the unlikely monarch who became "England's wisest and greatest king."

The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh by Francis Bacon and Jerry Weinberger. The author lived during the reign of Henry VII's granddaughter, Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York by Arlene Naylor Okerlund. Biography of the queen whose marriage to King Henry VII ended England's Wars of the Roses and inaugurated the 118-year Tudor dynasty.

Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World by Alison Weir. Biography. The first child of King Edward IV, Elizabeth married Henry VII, ending the Wars of the Roses and uniting the houses of York and Lancaster. She was the mother of King Henry VIII.

Elizabeth of York by Amy License. Biography. Daughter of King Edward IV, Elizabeth was brought up in the medieval world. During the Wars of the Roses she witnessed the humiliation and murder of her family. She slipped easily into the role of Queen to Henry VII (and mother of Henry VIII), but was she as placid as history has suggested?

Family Members

The King's Mother

The King's Mother by Michael K. Jones and Malcolm G. Underwood. Biography of Henry VII's strong-willed mother.

Margaret Beaufort: Mother of the Tudor Dynasty by Elizabeth Norton. Born during the Wars of the Roses, Margaret Beaufort married four times and endured imprisonment before passing her claim to the crown to her son, Henry VII.

Uncrowned Queen: The Treacherous Life of Margaret Beaufort, Tudor Rebel by Nicola Tallis. Biography of Henry VII's mother, an extraordinarily ambitious woman who risked everything to found the Tudor dynasty.

The Women of the Cousins' War: The Duchess, the Queen, and the King's Mother by Philippa Gregory, David Baldwin, and Michael Jones. An illustrated look at the lives of three women during the Wars of the Roses: Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford; Elizabeth Woodville; and Margaret Beaufort.

Henry VII's Son Arthur

Prince Arthur: The Tudor King Who Never Was by Sean Cunningham. This biography of Henry VIII's elder brother, who died young, explores his relationship with his brother and imagines what type of king he might have been.

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales: Life, Death and Commemoration edited by Steven Gunn and Linda Monckton. Prince Arthur (1486-1502), son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, was the great hope of early Tudor England. This book's illustrated essays investigate his short life and posthumous commemoration from every angle.

Daughters of Henry VII

The Sisters of Henry VIII by Maria Perry. The fascinating lives of Henry VII's daughters Margaret, who became the queen of Scotland, and Mary, who became the queen of France (and later defied Henry by marrying his best friend). Also published under the title Sisters to the King.


Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots by Sarah-Beth Watkins. The life of King Henry VIII's older sister, who became the queen of Scotland after her marriage to James IV.

Margaret Tudor: The Life of Henry VIII's Sister by Melanie Clegg. Biography of a woman who hurtled from one disaster to the next, a victim of her own poor choices and of the hostility between her son and her brother.

Mary Tudor

Mary Rose by David Loades. Biography of Henry VIII's beautiful, rebellious younger sister.

The Tudor Rose: Princess Mary, Henry VIII's Sister by Jennifer Kewley Draskau. Tells the story of the beautiful princess, and the role she and her descendants played in Tudor England.

The French Queen's Letters: Mary Tudor Brandon and the Politics of Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Europe by Erin A. Sadlack. Biography of Mary Tudor, younger sister of Henry VIII, who first married King Louis XII of France and later eloped with Henry's best friend, Charles Brandon.

La Reine Blanche: Mary Tudor, a Life in Letters by Sarah Bryson. Mary Tudor's life was overshadowed by her father, Henry VII, and her brother Henry VIII. State papers and letters reveal the truth about this intelligent and passionate woman.

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Lambert Simnel & Perkin Warbeck

Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders: Simnel, Warbeck, and Warwick by Nathen Amin. A look at the many plots to depose the Tudor usurper early in his reign.

Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke by Michael John Bennett. Lambert Simnel claimed to be Edward, Earl of Warwick, the Yorkist claimant to the English throne.

The Dublin King by John Ashdown-Hill. Examines whether Lambert Simnel was an impostor or one of the lost Princes in the Tower.

The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy, 1491-1499 by Ian Arthurson. Warbeck allowed Henry VII's enemies to convince him that he was actually Edward IV's long lost son Richard, Duke of York.

The Perfect Prince: The Mystery of Perkin Warbeck and His Quest for the Throne of England by Ann Wroe. Biography of one of the most intriguing and ambitious pretenders in history.

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The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. A novel about Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV, from the Cousins War series. Other books in the series: The Lady of the Rivers, about Jacquetta of Luxembourg; The Red Queen, about Margaret Beaufort; The Kingmaker's Daughter, about Anne Neville; and The White Princess, about Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII.

Novels About Margaret Beaufort

Dark Queen Rising by Paul Doherty. When future king Henry VII's mother is suspected of murder, her sharp-witted clerk investigates. First book in a series.

Dark Queen Waiting by Paul Doherty. In 1471, Margaret Beaufort plots to have her young son crowned king. But someone is killing her supporters one by one.

Novels About Elizabeth of York

The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes. Novel about Elizabeth of York. Thrust into the drama of the War of the Roses, she must unite a kingdom torn apart.

The Last White Rose: A Novel of Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir. The turbulent life of Henry VIII's mother, the first queen of the Tudor dynasty.

The King's Daughter: A Novel of the First Tudor Queen by Sandra Worth. After her father's death, Elizabeth of York experiences one devastation after another.

To Hold the Crown by Jean Plaidy. The story of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. First book in Plaidy's Tudor Saga, first published in 1982 under the title "Uneasy Lies the Head."

Mistress of Mourning by Karen Harper. Suspecting that her son Arthur was murdered by enemies of her husband, Henry VII, Elizabeth of York asks a widow to investigate his death.

Novels About Perkin Warbeck

The Shadow Prince by Terence Morgan. Novel about English royal pretender Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be one of the lost Princes in the Tower.

Pale Rose of England: A Novel of the Tudors by Sandra Worth. Novel about the wife of Perkin Warbeck, who challenged Henry VII's claim to the English throne by claiming to be Edward IV's lost son Richard, Duke of York.

The King's Grace by Anne Easter Smith. Novel in which Grace Plantagenet, illegitimate daughter of Edward IV, tries to learn the truth about Perkin Warbeck, who claims to be her missing half-brother Richard.

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