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English Castles & Palaces

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English Royal Residences

The Royal Palaces of London by David Souden, foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales. Tells the stories of London's palaces from the Norman Conquest to modern times. Over 300 illustrations.

Exploring English Castles: Evocative, Romantic, and Mysterious True Tales of the Kings and Queens of the British Isles by Ed Morris. A guide to some of the most historical and picturesque castles in England.

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English Castles

The English Castle: 1066-1650 by John Goodall. The history of English castles over six centuries, including their varied architecture and changing role in warfare, politics, domestic living, and governance. Over 350 illustrations.

The Amateur Historian's Guide to the Heart of England: Nearly 200 Medieval & Tudor Sites Two Hours or Less from London by Sarah Valente Kettler and Carole Trimble. A travel guide for royalty fans.

Leeds Castle: Queen of Castles, Castle of Queens by Scala Publishing. Illustrated guide that traces the castle's long link with the English Crown.

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Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace: The Official History by John Martin Robinson. King George III bought the Duke of Buckingham's house in 1761. This book tells the story of the house's gradual transformation into a royal palace.

A Royal Welcome by Anna Reynolds. An illustrated behind-the-scenes look at royal occasions at Buckingham Palace, from state banquets to garden parties and private audiences.

The Strange History of Buckingham Palace: Patterns of People by Patricia Wright. The story of Buckingham Palace and its environs.

Buckingham Palace: A Royal Garden by Claire Masset. This guide to the garden includes practical advice, anecdotes, and photographs.

100 Treasures of Buckingham Palace by Tom Parsons, Kathryn Barron, Matthew Winterbottom. One hundred of the most famous works of art in Buckingham Palace.

The Queen's House by Edna Healey. A social history of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace: The Interiors by Ashley Hicks. Photographs and description of the interior design of Buckingham Palace and its important representation of Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian styles.

Buckingham Palace: Official Souvenir by Pamela Hartshorne. An illustrated guide to the palace and its role as symbol, royal residence, and home to an exceptional art collection.

Clarence House

Clarence House: Official Souvenir Guide by Jonathan Marsden. Illustrated with 100 images including paintings, drawings, works of art, and photographs of the rooms.


Clarendon: Landscape of Kings by Tom Beaumont James and Christopher Gerrard. After 1066, Clarendon in Wiltshire became the favorite royal retreat. This illustrated book tells Clarendon's story from Neolithic to modern times, focusing on the palace's medieval heyday.


Eltham Palace by Jason Priestly. Eltham Palace from its medieval and Tudor beginnings, through the destruction of many of its buildings in the 17th century, to the present day. Illustrated.


Royal Greenwich: A History in Kings and Queens by Pieter Van Der Merwe. An illustrated history of the royal heritage of Greenwich, starting in the mid-15th century, when it was a sprawling Tudor palace.

The Queen's House, Greenwich by Pieter van der Merwe. Illustrated book about the Queen's House from its origins as a royal residence designed for the wife of King James I by Inigo Jones to its recent use by the National Maritime Museum.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace: The Official Illustrated History by Lucy Worsley and David Souden. Tells the story of one of the finest palaces in Europe: the original buildings of Henry VIII's reign; the late 17th century Baroque additions; the lifestyles of monarchs and life below stairs.

Hampton Court: A Social and Architectural History by Simon Thurley. Lavishly illustrated, the book covers the entire history of the building, including the fire of 1986. Explores the lives of its builders, telling the stories of the architects who fulfilled the whims of kings and princes.

The Gardens at Hampton Court Palace by Todd Longstaffe Gowan, photographs by Vivian Russell. Hampton Court Palace has the finest Baroque park and garden layout in Britain. This book explores the history of the gardens, including the role and impact of patrons, designers and estate workers.


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Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace: The Official Illustrated History by Rose Issa. Tells the story of the architectural development of the building, the creation of its magnificent gardens, and the dramas and intrigues of court life.

The Story of Kensington Palace by Tracy Borman. Formerly a private house enlarged in the late 17th century for William and Mary, Kensington Palace was the favored home of five sovereigns.

Kensington Palace: Art, Architecture and Society edited by Olivia Fryman. This illustrated book explores Kensington's physical beauty and its history, presenting material from archives, newspapers, letters, and analysis.

Kew Palace

Kew Palace: The Official Illustrated History by Susanne Groom, Lee Prosser. Kew Palace is Britain's smallest royal palace. Built in 1631, it later became the home of George III, Queen Charlotte and their large family.

Royal Pavilion

The Making of the Royal Pavilion: Design and Drawings by John Morley. Reproduces the original drawings used for the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

St James' Palace

St James' Palace: A History by Kenneth Scott. Built in the 16th century, St James' Palace in London is still used today for royal residences and offices.

St James's Palace: From Leper Hospital to Royal Court edited by Simon Thurley, Rufus Bird, and Michael Turner. Includes over 300 color images, including maps and digital reconstructions.

Books About Tudor Royal Palaces

The Tower of London

The Tower of London: The Official Illustrated History by Edward Impey and Geoffrey Parnell. A collection of black-and-white pictures spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London by Nigel Jones. Castle, royal palace, prison, zoo, treasure house, tourist attraction: the Tower of London has been all these things and more. This history, drawn from primary sources, tells the ancient structure's story from William the Conqueror to modern times.

The White Tower by Edward Impey. The White Tower, the gigantic structure at the heart of the Tower of London, is the most complete 11th century palace in Europe. This is a complete architectural, archaeological and historical study of White Tower and its context.

Tower of London: England's Ghostly Castle by Gail Blasser Riley. For children ages 9 to 12.


Westminster: A Biography, From Earliest Times to the Present by Robert Shepherd. Tells the story of the royal capital that became the birthplace of parliamentary government.

Westminster 1640-60: A Royal City in a Time of Revolution by J. F. Merritt. How the royal court's home became the seat of the non-monarchical regimes.

Westminster: The Art, Architecture and Archaeology of the Royal Palace and Abbey edited by Warwick Rodwell and Tim Tatton-Brown. This is Part 1 of a collection of essays from the British Archaeological Association's 2013 conference. Part 2 is also available.


Whitehall Palace: An Architectural History of the Royal Apartments, 1240-1698 by Simon Thurley. A discussion of the art and architecture of Whitehall Palace. It traces the development of the palace from its origins. Includes plans and diagrams.


Windsor Castle: The Official Illustrated History by John Martin Robinson.

Windsor Castle: A Thousand Years of a Royal Palace by Steven Brindle. Illustrated with paintings, drawings, photographs, and reconstructions of the castle's past appearance.

Royal Landscape: The Gardens and Parks of Windsor by Jane Roberts. A comprehensive history of the parks around Windsor Castle. Includes 500 illustrations.

Windsor Ablaze! The Windsor Castle Fire & Restoration by Alexandra Brown. Describes the events leading up to the 1992 fire at Windsor Castle, the blaze itself, the immense salvage operation and restoration project.

The Queen's Backyard by Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low. Photographs from the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The Queen's Castle at Windsor: Fortress, Palace, Home by Elizabeth Newbery. This activity book reveals the secrets of the world's oldest inhabited castle and the monarchs who have lived there. For ages 7 to 11.

Royal Parks

London's Royal Parks by Paul Rabbitts. The history of London's royal parks and how they have evolved from private royal hunting grounds and gardens into modern public spaces.

Richmond Park: From Medieval Pasture to Royal Park by Paul Rabbitts. The history of London's largest Royal Park. Its royal connections begin with Edward I in the 13th century, when it was known as the Manor of Sheen.

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