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Dutch Royalty

Monarchs of the Netherlands since 1815, when Willem I took the title King:

King Willem I
(called William I in English)
Reigned 1815-1840; abdicated

King Willem II
Reigned 1840-1849

King Willem III
Reigned 1849-1890

Queen Wilhelmina
Reigned 1890-1948; abdicated

Note: Wilhelmina's mother, Queen Emma,
acted as regent from 1890 until 1898.

Queen Juliana
Reigned 1948-1980; abdicated

Queen Beatrix
Reigned 1980-2013; abdicated

King Willem-Alexander
Reign 2013-Present

King Willem-Alexander succeeded to the throne upon the abdication of his mother, Beatrix, in 2013. The former queen is now known as Princess Beatrix. The king and his wife, Queen Máxima, have three daughters: Princess Catharina-Amalia (born in 2003), Princess Alexia (born in 2005), and Princess Ariane (born in 2007). Catharina-Amalia is the heir to the throne.

Books About Dutch Royalty

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Book Categories: History, Wilhelmina, Juliana, Other, Europe

History & Royalty

A History of the Low Countries by Paul Arblaster. The history of the Benelux area (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) from Roman frontier provinces to the year 2011.

The Low Countries, 1780-1940 (Oxford History of Modern Europe) by E. H. Kossmann. This history of Belgium and the Netherlands is the first major study in English to treat them as nations in their own right, while placing them in a wider European and world context.

The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall 1477-1806 by Jonathan Israel. Traces the ideas, politics, religion, and social developments of the Golden Age of the Netherlands, and examines the reasons for its 18th century decline.

Contending Representations I: The Dutch Republic and the Lure of Monarchy edited by Joris Oddens and others. How power was represented in art, literature, and ritual in the 17th century.

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands by Arend Huussen. Contains over 900 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

Books About Britain's William III (Prince of Orange)

Queen Wilhelmina

Lonely But Not Alone by HRH Wilhelmina, Princess of the Netherlands. The autobiography of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (written after she retired and took the title "princess").

Darling Queen - Dear Old Bones edited by Emerentia van Heuven-van Nes. After Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands's education was finished in 1896, she continued to write to to her English governess weekly. Her long letters discuss kings and emperors, sad times, her belief in the Almighty, and her development as queen.

Queen Juliana

Queen Juliana: The Story of the Richest Woman in the World by William Hoffman. She was destined for glamor and controversy, and nearly brought the Dutch government to a halt.

Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands by Magadalena Schenk.


Carolina of Orange-Nassau: Ancestress of the Royal Houses of Europe by Moniek Bloks. Carolina (1743-1787) was the daughter of William IV, Prince of Orange, stadtholder of the Netherlands. She acted as regent for her minor brother, William V.

A Stranger in the Hague: The Letters of Queen Sophie of the Netherlands to Lady Malet, 1842-1877 edited by Sydney W. Jackman and Hella Haasse.

Royal Clocks: In Paleis Het Loo by J. J. L. Haspels. Long a Dutch royal palace and now a national museum, the Paleis Het Loo contains a large collection of clocks used by royal households through the centuries. More than 80 clocks from 1650 to 1930 are illustrated and described.

Máxima: Una Historia Real by Gonzalo Álvarez Guerrero and Soledad Ferrari. Written in Spanish. Subtitled "The Story the Dutch Royal Family Did Not Want Published," this is a biography of the Argentinian investment banker who married future king Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

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