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Early Poland

The Chronicles and Deeds of the Dukes or Princes of the Poles by Gallus Anonymous, translated by Janos M. Bak. A 12th century account of Polish history from ancient times to the reign of Boleslaw III.

The Formation of the Polish State: The Period of Ducal Rule, 963-1194 by Tadeusz Manteuffel, translated by Andrew Gorski.

Ottonian Germany: The Chronicon of Thietmar of Merseburg by Thietmar, translated by David A. Warner. One of the most important sources for the history of the 10th and early 11th centuries. Thietmar had opinions on everything, from politics to shocking women's fashions. He is arguably the single most important witness to the early history of Poland.

Poland, Holy War, and the Piast Monarchy, 1100-1230 by Darius von Güttner-Sporzyn'ski. The 12th-century rulers of Poland took an active role in holy wars in the Baltic, the last bastion of paganism in Europe. Holy war and crusade helped influence politics and dynastic succession.

The Rise of the Polish Monarchy: Piast Poland in East Central Europe, 1320-1370 by Paul W. Knoll. Ending more than a century of division, Poland's last two Piast rulers, Wladyslaw Lokietek and his son Casimir the Great, forged the splintered country into a strong, independent monarchy. This is the first English-language account of the reigns of these two monarchs.

Jadwiga: Poland's Great Queen by Charlotte Hoffman Kellogg. A 1931 biography of the 14th century queen who founded the Jagiellon dynasty.

The Holy Wars of King Wladislas and Sultan Murad: The Ottoman-Christian Conflict From 1438-1444 by John Jefferson. About the conflict between Wladyslaw III of Poland (Wladyslaw I of Hungary) and Sultan Murad II of the Ottoman Empire.

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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

The Polish-Lithuanian State, 1386-1795 by Daniel Z. Stone. For four centuries, the Polish-Lithuanian state encompassed present-day Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Romania. Governed by a constitutional monarchy, it enjoyed unusual domestic tranquility.

The Polish-Lithuanian Monarchy in European Context: C. 1500-1795 edited by Richard Butterwick. Essays assessing the institution and idea of monarchy in one of Europe's largest and most neglected states.

The Other Prussia: Royal Prussia, Poland and Liberty, 1569-1772 deals with the elective monarchy in Poland.

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King Sigismund I

King Sigismund of Poland and Martin Luther: The Reformation Before Confessionalization by Natalia Nowakowska. This study examines why the Polish monarchy did not persecute Lutherans.

Early Modern Royalty

Becoming a Queen in Early Modern Europe: East and West by Katarzyna Kosior. A comparative study of royal wedding and coronation ceremonies in Poland and France.

Augustus II (Augustus the Strong)

Pleasure and Ambition by Tony Sharp is about the life, loves, and wars of Augustus the Strong, king of Poland and elector of Saxony, 1670-1707.

The Dream of a King: Dresden's Green Vault edited by Dirk Syndram and Claudia Brink. The Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, Germany is a museum founded in the early 18th century by Augustus the Strong, king of Poland and elector of Saxony. This book contains full-color illustrations of masterpieces from this important collection of Baroque and classical art such as the Golden Coffee Service and the Dresden Green Diamond.

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War of the Polish Succession

The King's Honor and the King's Cardinal: The War of the Polish Succession by John L. Sutton. In 1733, Augustus II died and the elective throne of Poland fell vacant. The states of Europe began cautious maneuvers to help choose a successor, but soon diplomacy gave way to military force.

Stanislaw II

The Last King of Poland and His Contemporaries by R. Nisbet Bain. This biography of Stanislaus Poniatowski describes conditions in Poland at the end of the 18th century.

Poland's Last King and English Culture: Stanisaw August Poniatowski, 1732-1798 by Richard Butterwick. The attempt by Stanislaw August Poniatowski "to create anew the Polish world" was one of the most audacious enterprises of reform by any monarch in the 18th century.

The Last King of Poland by Adam Zamoyski. The story of Poland's last king, who brought the country to a new phase of independence and reform. His work was destroyed by the partitioning of Poland, and he was forced to abdicate.

Augustus III

Customs and Culture in Poland Under the Last Saxon King by Jedrzej Kitowicz, translated and edited by Oscar E. Swan. Jedrzej Kitowicz, a parish priest, composed the most complete existing record of life in 18th century Poland under King Augustus III.

Polish History

A Concise History of Poland by Jerzy Lukowski and Hubert Zawadzki. Covers medieval times to the present.

The Polish Way: A Thousand-Year History of the Poles and Their Culture by Adam Zamoyski. Includes information about Polish royal history.

Poland: An Illustrated History by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski. With chapters on the Piast dynasty, the evolution of the constitutional monarchy, the Kingdom of Poland within Russia, and more.

God's Playground, A History of Poland, Volume I: The Origins to 1795 by Norman Davies. Points out that long before the rise of Russia and Prussia, the kingdom of Poland was a major power in eastern Europe. Volume II: 1795 to the Present is also available.

Historical Dictionary of Poland by George Sanford. Over 400 entries and an up-to-date bibliography. Published in 2003.

Historical Dictionary of Poland, 966-1945 by George J. Lerski. Over 2,000 entries on people, events, places, and terms important to Poland's history. Published in 1996.

Royal Places

Great Country Houses of Poland by Lord Michael Pratt, photographs by Gerhard Trumler. The Polish countryside holds many estates and medieval castles. This book tells the histories of these houses and the nobles who built and continually remodeled them.

Here All Is Poland: A Pantheonic History of Wawel, 1787-2010 by Petro Andreas Nungovitch. About an ancient necropolis of Polish kings and queens beneath the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Poland.

Poland Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Poland by Krzysztof Dydynski. Provides background information on the history, arts and culture of Poland.

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