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Emperor Nero

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Nero by Edward Champlin. Biography of the notorious Roman emperor.

Nero by Jurgen Malitz. Nero's crimes are notorious, but this biography also outlines his surprisingly responsible political agenda, his initial popularity, and his patronage of the arts.

Nero Caesar Augustus: Emperor of Rome by David Shotter. Reveals the many contradictory faces of Nero and gives a balanced introduction to the paranoid, self-indulgent emperor.

Nero: Emperor and Court by John F. Drinkwater. Explores court politics, the Fire of 64, Nero's Golden House, and the huge underlying strength of the Julio-Claudian empire.

Nero: Matricide, Music, and Murder in Imperial Rome by Anthony Everitt and Roddy Ashworth. According to this biography, Nero's empire was well-managed, and the emperor won the loyalty of the lower classes.

The Emperor Nero: A Guide to the Ancient Sources edited by Anthony A. Barrett, Elaine Fantham, and John C. Yardley. Clear, contemporary translations of key literary sources for Nero's life and rule.

Nero's Killing Machine: The True Story of Rome's Remarkable 14th Legion by Stephen Dando-Collins. The 14th legion put down the rebellion of Britain's Queen Boudicca.

Great Fire of Rome

The Great Fire of Rome by Stephen Dando-Collins. In AD 64, a fire engulfed most of the city of Rome. With its capital in ruins, the empire teetered on the edge of collapse.

Rome Is Burning: Nero and the Fire That Ended a Dynasty by Anthony A. Barrett. Rome's Great Fire destroyed Nero's golden image and led to his downfall.

Nero in Fiction

The Confessions of Young Nero by Margaret George. The story of a boy's ruthless ascension to the throne, detailing his journey from innocent youth to infamous ruler.

The Splendor Before the Dark by Margaret George. Emperor Nero now commands the Roman empire, ushering in an era of cultural splendor. But some find his quest for glory dangerous.

Octavia: A Play Attributed to Seneca edited by Rolando Ferri. An Ancient Roman play about Nero's divorce from the princess Octavia, daughter of Claudius. The book includes an introduction and a detailed commentary.

Children's Books

Nero: Ruthless Roman Emperor by Shalini Saxena. From the History's Most Murderous Villains series for children ages 10 to 13.

Nero by Pete Diprimio. Children's biography.

Hadrian: Consolidating the Empire by Julian Morgan. Children's book.

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Movies and Documentaries

These DVDs are formatted for North American audiences.

Nero. Hans Matheson plays the notorious emperor in this television movie.

Nero's Golden House. Documentary about the emperor and his grandiose palace.

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