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Mary Stuart

Books About Mary Stuart

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Mary and David Rizzio

David Rizzio & Mary, Queen of Scots: Murder at Holyrood by David Tweedie. Explains how Mary's friend and secretary, David Rizzio (or Riccio), enraged the Scots lords so much so that they plotted his murder.

Mary and Lord Bothwell

The Queen's Man: James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell and Duke of Orkney, 1536-1578 by Humphrey Drummond. Biography, published in 1977.

Daughters of the North: Jean Gordon and Mary, Queen of Scots by Jennifer Morag Henderson. Mary's marriage to the Earl of Bothwell is notorious. This book focuses on his previous wife, Jean, who became the most powerful woman in the north.

Mary and Politics

Mary, Queen of Scots: Pride, Passion and a Kingdom Lost by Jenny Wormald. Assesses Mary as a queen and finds her lacking. The author believes Mary had little political ability or interest in ruling.

The Politics of Religion in the Age of Mary, Queen of Scots by Jane E.A. Dawson is about the Earl of Argyll and the struggle for stability in Britain and Ireland.

The Challenge to the Crown (out of print) by Robert Stedall. Examines the changing allegiances of the nobility during Mary Queen of Scots' reign. Followed by a sequel, The Survival of the Crown, about the return to authority of the Scottish crown following Mary's deposition from the throne, 1567 to 1603.

Mary Queen of Scots and French Public Opinion, 1542-1600 by Alexander S. Wilkinson. Examines what the French thought about Mary and her turbulent career.

The Rough Wooings: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542 -1551 by Marcus Merriman. While the queen was still a baby, kings argued about who she should marry. Winner of the 2001 Saltire Scottish History Book of the Year award.

A Dialogue on the Law of Kingship Among the Scots by George Buchanan. A translation of George Buchanan's De Jure Regni Apud Scotos Dialogus. Buchanan was an opponent of Mary Queen of Scots. He argued that Scotland's monarchs were not above the law.

Books About Mary Stuart & Elizabeth I

John Knox and the Reformation

On Rebellion by John Knox. A collection of the most significant political writings of John Knox, including his notorious First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.

From Gileskirk to Greyfriars: Mary Queen of Scots, John Knox & the Heroes of Scotland's Reformation by Sir Walter Scott. Nonfiction account of Scottish history by the great Victorian novelist, written for his sick grandson. This is the second volume in Scott's Tales of a Scottish Grandfather series. The other books in the series are From Bannockburn to Flodden (Volume 1), From Glencoe to Sterling (Volume 3), and From Montrose to Culloden (Volume 4).

John Knox by Rosalind K. Marshall. A recent biography.

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Children's Books

You Wouldn't Want to Be Mary Queen of Scots by Fiona MacDonald, illustrations by David Antram. Biography for children ages 4 to 8.

Mary, Queen of Scots by Fiona Macdonald, illustrated by Damian Zain. A biography that focuses on the queen's childhood and young adulthood. For children ages 8 and up.

Mary Queen of Scots and All That by Allan Burnett, illustrated by Scoular Anderson. A humorous look at Mary's life, her rivalry with Queen Elizabeth I, and the secret plots that led to her execution.


Mary, Queen of Scots: Escape from Lochleven Castle by Theresa Breslin. The true story of the queen's daring escape from an island castle is told in this picture book for children ages 4 to 7.

Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a Country, France, 1553 by Kathryn Lasky. Novel in the "Royal Diaries" series for children ages 9 and up.

The Wild Queen: The Days and Nights of Mary, Queen of Scots by Carolyn Meyer. Mary Stuart was just five when she was sent to France to be raised alongside her future husband. When he died, 18-year-old Mary was alone. For ages 12 and up.

The Queen's Own Fool by Jane Yolen. This novel for children ages 9 to 12 recounts the life of Mary Queen of Scots as seen through the eyes of a jester.

Mary, Queen of Scots Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney. Three dolls and eight full-color plates depicting the queen's attire at various stages of her life, from jeweled wedding robes to a graceful black gown she made in prison.

DVDs About Mary Stuart

These DVDs are formatted for North American audiences.

Mary, Queen of Scots. Vanessa Redgrave received an Oscar nomination for her role in this 1971 movie. Glenda Jackson plays Queen Elizabeth I. This DVD set also includes "Anne of the Thousand Days," about Anne Boleyn.

Mary of Scotland stars Katharine Hepburn as the doomed queen.

Haunted Edinburgh. This documentary takes viewers on a tour of haunted sites in Edinburgh. Hear from workers at Holyrood Palace, where the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots' lover is said to reside to this day. Some contend she is with him in death.

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