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Queen Isabella I of Spain

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Queen Isabella

Isabella: The Warrior Queen by Kirstin Downey. This biography tells the story of the fervent Queen Isabella of Castile, the faith that propelled her, and the land of ancient conflicts she brought under her command.

Isabel the Queen: Life and Times by Peggy K. Liss. Biography of Spain's powerful Queen Isabella I.

Isabella of Castile: The First Renaissance Queen by Nancy Rubin. This biography traces Isabella's development from an orphaned and neglected princess into Spain's most powerful monarch.

Isabella of Castile: Europe's First Great Queen by Giles Tremlett. The life of the controversial Spanish queen who led her country out of the Middle Ages.

Queen Isabel I of Castile: Power, Patronage, Persona edited by Barbara F. Weissberger. Essays examine how the Queen influenced music, literature, architecture, painting, and her own image.

The Castles and the Crown: Spain 1451-1555 by Townsend Miller. This illustrated history focuses on the royal family, particularly Queen Isabella and her daughter Joanna the Mad.

The Last Crusade in the West: Castile and the Conquest of Granada by Joseph F. O'Callaghan. The Muslim rulers of Granada acknowledged Castilian suzerainty, but in the late 15th century Fernando and Isabel launched a decade-long effort to subjugate the emirate for religious reasons.

Legitimizing the Queen: Propaganda and Ideology in the Reign of Isabel I of Castile by Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths. Examines literary works dedicated to Isabel that justified her sovereign claim to the throne.

The World of Columbus edited by James R. McGovern. Includes an essay on Spain during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella.

Queen Isabella and the Unification of Spain by Nancy Whitelaw. Nonfiction for children ages 9 to 12.

Isabella in Fiction

The Queen's Vow by C. W. Gortner. Novel about the early years of Spain's warrior queen Isabella I, who united the country, started the Inquisition, and sent Columbus to discover a New World.

Queen's Cross by Lawrence Schoonover. Novel about Isabella of Castile, her husband Ferdinand of Aragon, and their reconquest of Spain.

The Inquisitor's Wife by Jeanne Kalogridis. A young woman's loyalty to her Jewish family is tested as never before when she becomes the favorite of Spain's ruthless Queen Isabella.

Crown of Aloes by Norah Lofts. Queen Isabella tells her own story in this novel by a popular 20th century writer.

Columbus and the Crowns by William H. Prescott is about Chistopher Columbus's dealings with Isabella and her husband, King Ferdinand.

Isabel Saves the Prince: Based on a True Story of Isabel I of Spain by Joan Holub, illustrated by Nonna Aleshina. Fiction for children ages 4 to 8.

Isabel I: Jewel of Castilla, Spain, 1466 by Carolyn Meyer is a novel for children from the "Royal Diaries" series for ages 9 and up.

Queen Joanna the Mad

Juana the Mad: Sovereignty and Dynasty in Renaissance Europe by Bethany Aram. The daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, Joanna went insane after the death of her beloved husband, Philip the Handsome. For more than 45 years she was confined in the castle of Tordesillas, where she died in 1555. Her eldest son was Holy Roman emperor Charles V.

Sister Queens: The Noble, Tragic Lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana, Queen of Castile by Julia Fox. Dual biography of two daughters of Spain's King Fedinand and Queen Isabella. Juana unexpectedly became Spain's sovereign, but her authority was usurped by her husband and son. Katherine became the first wife of England's King Henry VIII and a key figure in a drama that altered the religious landscape.

Juana I: Legitimacy and Conflict in Sixteenth-Century Castile by Gillian B. Fleming. Examines the deep and lengthy crisis of legitimacy triggered by the death of Prince Juan of Castile and Aragon in 1497 and the ascent of Juana I to the throne in 1504.


The Last Queen: A Novel by C. W. Gortner. Challenges the myths about Queen Juana of Castile (Joanna the Mad), revealing a brave, determined woman.

That Other Juana by Linda Carlino. A story of obsessive love, uncontrolled passion, and cruel betrayal, set in 16th century Spain.

Reign of Madness by Lynn Cullen. Novel about the reign Spain's Queen Juana of Castile, also known as Juana the Mad.

The Scroll of Seduction by Gioconda Belli. Novel about a 16-year-old girl and an art historian who relive the story of Spanish queen Joanna the Mad and her legendary love for her husband, Philip the Handsome.

The Prisoner of Tordesillas by Lawrence L. Schoonover. A novel about Joanna the Mad.

The Secret Music at Tordesillas by Marjorie Sandor. It is 1555, and Juana I of Castile has died. Her musician refuses to leave the now-empty palace. But is it really empty?

Books About Joanna's Sister Katherine of Aragon

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