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Have a question for me? I welcome e-mail, but before writing please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Because of the high volume of junk mail that webmasters receive, I may change my e-mail address from time to time. You can currently e-mail me here:

Please note that if you receive e-mail that is apparently from the royalty.nu domain, it is NOT from this website. I do not send e-mail from this domain, or from my blogs' domains, and neither does anyone else.

I use another e-mail address to reply to any mail you may send me, and I will never send you an attachment or spam you with ads. There are viruses circulating that can fake e-mail addresses, and spammers often use fake email addresses, so be warned.

UPDATE: Due to greater interest in royalty these days, I'm receiving a lot of press releases etc. and cannot use all of them on my site. Because of my workload I'm not able to respond to all email of this type. Apologies and thank you for your interest.

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