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Modern Monarchy: The British Royal Family Today by Chris Jackson. Royal photographer Chris Jackson reveals the magic and logistics of documenting the royal family. Photos are organized by theme, from state occasions (including the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) to charity works and a typical year in the Royal Diary. Published in October 2018.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in November 2018

British Royal History

King Edward VIII: An American Life by Ted Powell. What if Edward VIII's abdication was set in motion not by his love for Wallis Simpson but for America? This book reassesses the king's life and and turns the established view upside down.

Henry I: The Father of His People by Edmund King. The youngest of William the Conqueror's sons, Henry become one of the greatest medieval monarchs.

The Mythology of the Princes in the Tower by John Ashdown-Hill. When did the term "Princes in the Tower" come into use? Were they genuinely held against their will? Working with a team of geneticists, the author tries to answer questions about Edward IV's lost sons.

King Arthur: The Making of the Legend by Nicholas J. Higham. Explores King Arthur's historical development, proposing that he began as a fictional character in the 9th century.

Modern British Royalty

Informally Royal: Studio Lisa and the Royal Family by Rodney Laredo. A chance meeting in 1936 led two amateur photographers to an unlikely friendship with the British royal family that spanned over 30 years.

The Wicked Wit of Princess Margaret by Karen Dolby. Sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret made no secret of her intolerance for the dim-witted, the disobedient or the boring.

Harry & Meghan: The Wedding Paper Dolls by Eileen Rudisill Miller. Sixteen full-color plates with accurate re-creations of the couple's pre-wedding and wedding day fashions.

His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle by Michael Brumm and Camille March, illustrated by EG Keller. The "rebarkable" true story of Meghan Markle's rescue dog, told from Guy the Beagle's own point of view.


Double Emperor: The Life and Times of Francis of Austria by Chip Wagar. Emperor (as Francis II) of the Holy Roman Empire, Francis also became the first emperor of Austria. He sent his son-in-law Napoleon Bonaparte into exile.

Hitler and the Habsburgs: The Fuhrer's Vendetta Against the Austrian Royals by James Longo. How Adolf Hitler's obsession with the Habsburg imperial family drove his rise to power and led to the Second World War and the Holocaust.


Customs and Culture in Poland Under the Last Saxon King by Jedrzej Kitowicz, translated and edited by Oscar E. Swan. Jedrzej Kitowicz, a parish priest, composed the most complete existing record of life in 18th century Poland under King August III.

Restoration: The Fall of Napoleon in the Course of European Art, 1812-1820 by Thomas Crow. How social upheavals after the collapse of the French Empire reshaped artists' lives and careers.


Zenobia: Shooting Star of Palmyra by Nathaniel J. Andrade. Hailing from the city of Palmyra, Zenobia (also called Bathzabbai) governed a huge tract of the eastern Roman empire, including Syria, Arabia, and Egypt from 268 to 272. Her rise and fall were meteoric.

I Am Ashurbanipal: King of the World, King of Assyria by Gareth Brereton. Features images of objects excavated from all corners of the empire, published to accompany an exhibition at the British Museum. 200 color illustrations.


The Splendor Before the Dark by Margaret George. Emperor Nero commands the Roman empire, ushering in an era of cultural splendor. But some find his quest for glory dangerous. (This is a sequel to George's novel The Confessions of Young Nero.)

Children's Books

The Queen by Julia Adams. Who is Queen Elizabeth II, and what does she do? How do you become a queen? For children ages 9 to 11.

William and Kate by Annabel Savery. Tells the life stories of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. For ages 9 to 11.

Published in October 2018

Modern British Royalty

Modern Monarchy: The British Royal Family Today by Chris Jackson. Royal photographer Chris Jackson reveals the magic and logistics of documenting the royal family. Photos are organized by theme, from state occasions (including the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) to charity works and a typical year in the Royal Diary.

Elizabeth Revealed: 500 Facts About the Queen and Her World by Lucinda Hawksley. This illustrated book highlights surprising aspects of Queen Elizabeth II's life, the good and the bad years.

British Royal History

The Mystery of King John's Treasure by Shirley Charters. In 1216, King John lost England's crown jewels, his gem collection, and sackfuls of silver coins. What happened?

Anne of Cleves: Henry VIII's Unwanted Wife by Sarah-Beth Watkins. Biography of Henry VIII's fourth wife. After just six months their marriage was annulled, leaving Anne one of the wealthiest women in England.

Thomas Cromwell: A Revolutionary Life by Diarmaid MacCulloch. This biography of the genius who masterminded Henry VIII's bloody revolution in the English government reveals at last Cromwell's role in the downfall of Anne Boleyn.

Empress: Queen Victoria and India by Miles Taylor. Shows how India was central to the Victorian monarchy from as early as 1837.

Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the British Royal Household by Adrian Tinniswood. An upstairs/downstairs history of the British royal court, from the Middle Ages to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Dominion: The History of England From the Battle of Waterloo to Victoria's Diamond Jubilee by Peter Ackroyd. Takes readers from the accession of the profligate George IV to 'Sailor King' William IV to the enormous innovation of Queen Victoria's reign. This is the fifth book in Ackroyd's History of England series; for the other books, click here.

Arthur and the Kings of Britain: The Historical Truth Behind the Myths by Miles Russell. According to the author, King Arthur was a composite character created by 12th century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth from elements that can be traced back to the first century BC. New paperback edition.


Catherine the Great: Selected Letters translated by Andrew Kahn and Kelsey Rubin-Detlev. Combining her wit, charm, and quick eye for detail, Russian empress Catherine the Great's letters tell the story of a self-made woman.

To Free the Romanovs: Royal Kinship and Betrayal in Europe, 1917-1919 by Coryne Hall. Considers the end of Russia's Romanov dynasty, and the guilt of the royal families in Europe over their bloody end.


Napoleon: A Life by Adam Zamoyski. Born into a poor family, Napoleon was by 26 a general and Emperor of the French at 35. This biography explains him against the background of the European Enlightenment.

Napoleon: A Very Short Introduction by David A. Bell. Dispelling myths, the author provides a concise and lively portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte's character and career.

The Invisible Emperor: Napoleon on Elba from Exile to Escape by Mark Braude. A narrative history of Napoleon Bonaparte's strange exile and improbable escape.


Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia: The Philosopher Princess by Renée Jeffrey. Biography of one of the great intellectuals of 18th century Europe. A grief-stricken woman whose life was marked by poverty, she fought for her family's rights.

Forgotten Queens in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Political Agency, Myth-Making, and Patronage edited by Valerie Schutte and Estelle Paranque. Examines misunderstood or forgotten queens dowager and queens consort from 1016 to 1800.

Gardens of the Alhambra by Maria del Mar Villafranca-Jiménez. A comprehensive book illustrated with photos, plans, and previously unpublished archive material.

Roman & Byzantine Emperors

Kill Caesar! Assassination in the Early Roman Empire by Rose Mary Sheldon. Three-quarters of Rome's leaders were assassinated, and the biggest threat came from those closest to the emperor.

Julius Caesar's Battle for Gaul: New Archaeological Perspectives edited by Andrew P. Fitzpatrick and Colin Haselgrove. Examines the consequences of the conquest of Gaul on the Iron Age communities of north-west Europe.

The Specter of the Jews: Emperor Julian and the Rhetoric of Ethnicity in Syrian Antioch by Ari Finkelstein. Examines 4th century Roman emperor Julian's views on Jews, whose religious practices would help shape a new imperial pagan identity.

Leo VI and the Transformation of Byzantine Christian Identity: Writings of an Unexpected Emperor by Meredith L. D. Riedel. The Byzantine emperor Leo VI (886-912) was a scholar, and his religious education made him an unusual ruler.


When Women Ruled the World: Six Queens of Egypt by Kara Cooney. Explores the lives of six female pharaohs, from Hatshepsut to Cleopatra.

Haile Selassie: His Rise, His Fall by Haggai Erlich. Tells the multifaceted, sometimes tragic, story of the emperor and modern Ethiopia.

African Kings and Black Slaves: Sovereignty and Dispossession in the Early Modern Atlantic by Herman L. Bennett. As early as 1441, Portuguese and Spanish traders conducted business with African kingdoms.


Women and the Making of the Mongol Empire by Anne F. Broadbridge. Examines women such as Genghis Khan's mother, senior wife, daughters, and conquered wives.

The Architecture of a Deccan Sultanate: Courtly Practice and Royal Authority in Late Medieval India by Pushkar Sohoni. The first analysis of the architecture of the Nizam Shah dynasty of India's Ahmadnagar kingdom.


The Shah, the Islamic Revolution and the United States by Darioush Bayandor. Follows the shah of Iran's rule through the 1970s, the emergence of opposition movements, and the role of the United States' Carter administration.

The Templars: The Rise, Fall, and Legacy of a Military Religious Order edited by Jochen Burgtorf, Shlomo Lotan, and Enric Mallorquí-Ruscalleda. Case studies explore the order's rise to prominence, its fall, and its legacy.

Children's Books

The Queen and the First Christmas Tree: Queen Charlotte's Gift to England by Nancy Churnin. How Britain's Queen Charlotte brought the first known Christmas tree to England. For ages 5 to 7.

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