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MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed bin Salman by Ben Hubbard. How a mysterious young prince emerged from Saudi Arabia's royal family to overhaul the society and gather power into his own hands. Published in March 2020.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in April 2020

British Royal History

David I: King of Scots, 1124-1153 by Richard D. Oram. David I was never expected to become king, but he had the skills, ruthlessness and ambition of a great ruler.

The Imprisoned Princess: The Scandalous Life of Sophia Dorothea of Celle by Catherine Curzon. The wife of future king George I hated him and called him "pig snout." Her passionate affair with someone else set the stage for disaster.

The Lost Queen: The Life & Tragedy of the Prince Regent's Daughter by Anne Stott. Biography of Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817), who was heiress presumptive to the throne.

York, Tudor, Stuart

Emblems of Monarchy by Frederick C. Hepburn. Royal portraiture in Yorkist and early Tudor England.

Tudor Roses: From Margaret Beaufort to Elizabeth I by Amy License. A narrative of the Tudor era that prioritizes women's experiences and voices.

The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots: A Political History by Martin Hume. Claims that Mary's ruin was based on weakness of character. (New edition.)

Patriot or Traitor: The Life and Death of Sir Walter Ralegh by Anna Beer. How could Queen Elizabeth I's favorite find himself consigned to the Tower? Should his legacy be fame or infamy? (New paperback edition.)


The Kings of Ailech and the Vikings: 800-1060 by Darren McGettigan. An account of Viking activity in the north of Ireland, the Cenel nEogain dynasty, and other early medieval kings.

Magnificence and Princely Splendour in the Middle Ages by Richard Barber. In medieval Europe, magnificence was seen as the king's duty, and it applied to his garments, courtiers, artists, feasts and ceremonies. This wide-ranging survey centers on France.

The Betrayal of the Duchess: The Scandal That Unmade the Bourbon Monarchy and Made France Modern by Maurice Samuels. In 1832, the duchesse de Berry plotted to restore the Bourbon dynasty. Her betrayal by an advisor ignited a firestorm of hate against France's Jews.

The Child of the Sun edited by Silvia Irina Zimmermann. Fairy tales and essays by Romanian queens Elisabeth (Carmen Sylva, 1843-1916) and Marie (1875-1938).

The Louvre and Versailles: The Evolution of the Proto-typical Palace in the Age of Absolutism by Christopher Tadgell. Detailed architectural analysis is set in the context of absolutism, court etiquette, and the French monarchy's financial incontinence.


The Emperor Jahangir: Power and Kingship in Mughal India by Lisa Balabanlilar. Reveals in detail Jahangir's battles with addiction, struggles for power, and his son's rebellion in 1605.

A Luang Prabang Love Story by Manisamouth Ratana Koumphon. Prince Souvanna Phouma, nephew of Laos's King Sisavang Vong, married demure Kham-Phiou in the 1930s. Her granddaughter tells their tragic love story in this book, which includes photos and royal family trees.

Coup, King, Crisis: A Critical Interregnum in Thailand edited by Pavin Chachavalpongpun. Leading writers examine the royal transition in Thailand from the 2014 coup up to the 2019 election.


Brazil: A Biography by Lilia M. Schwarcz and Heloisa M. Starling. The history of Brazil from the Europeam colonization in the 16th century to modern times. (New paperback edition.)


Diaries of an Egyptian Princess by Nevine Abbas Halim. Written by a daughter of an activist prince who clashed with King Fuad, this book includes royal gossip, political intrigue, and tales of young love and fashionable society.

Visualizing Coregency by Lisa Haney. An exploration of the link between royal image and co-rule during the reign of Senwosret III and Amenemhet III.


The Irish Princess by Elizabeth Chadwick. Forced into exile with her family, Aoife, daughter of the king of Leinster, beguiles English king Henry II. (New paperback edition.)

Published in March 2020

The Windsors

Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown by Anne Glenconner. A memoir of drama, tragedy, and royal secrets. The author was Princess Margaret's lady-in-waiting and closest confidante.

The Royal Family Operations Manual by Robert Jobson. Looks behind the scenes at the Windsors, their family tree, personalities, residences, annual engagements, and more.

The Family Firm: Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public, 1932-53 by Edward Owens. An analysis of the transformation of the royal household's public relations strategy, beginning with King George V's first Christmas broadcast.

Royal Progress: Canada's Monarchy in the Age of Disruption edited by D. Michael Jackson. Experts explore the future of the monarchy in Canada.

Queen Victoria

Prime Minister to the Queen by Anne Somerset. Queen Victoria's political life.

Victoria, Queen of the Screen: From Silent Cinema to New Media by Leigh Ehlers Telotte. The evolution of Queen Victoria's on-screen image, from satirical cartoons and silent films to 21st century media.

British Royal History

The Queen's Sisters: The Lives of the Sisters of Elizabeth Woodville by Sarah J. Hodder. Vilified by their contemporaries and many historians since, the Woodville family were center stage during the reigns of Edward IV and Richard III.

Stuart Style: Monarchy, Dress and the Scottish Male Elite by Maria Hayward. This book focuses on the clothing of James VI and I, Prince Henry, Charles I, Charles II, and James VII and II.

Monarchy, Print Culture, and Reverence in Early Modern England: Picturing Royal Subjects by Stephanie E. Koscak. Images of the royal family, including portrait engravings, satires, urban signs, and playing cards, were part of daily life in later Stuart and early Hanoverian England. (Illustrated.)


Theodosius and the Limits of Empire by Mark Hebblewhite. This biography of Roman emperor Theodosius I (AD 379-395) traces his rise to power and tumultuous reign.

The Mighty Warrior Kings: From the Ashes of the Roman Empire to the New Ruling Order by Philip J. Potter. Traces the history of early Europe through the biographies of nine kings, from Charlemagne to Robert the Bruce.

The Dancer, the Dreamers, and the Queen of Romania: How an Unlikely Quartet Created America's Most Improbable Art Museum by Steve Wiegand. Discusses Queen Marie of Romania's role in the founding of the Maryhill Museum of Art in the U.S. state of Washington.

Saudi Arabia

King Faisal and the Modernisation of Saudi Arabia by Willard A. Beling. Papers presented at a 1978 conference describe the end of bedouin-style Arabia. New paperback edition.


The World Odyssey of a Balinese Prince by Idanna Pucci, illustrated by A.A. Made Djelantik. Born in 1919, Prince Made Djelantik witnessed the Second World War in Nazi-occupied Holland. He became a doctor, helped eradicate malaria from Bali, and established the island's first hospital. This book is illustrated with his own watercolors.

The King and the People: Sovereignty and Popular Politics in Mughal Delhi by Abhishek Kaicker. An account of the relationship between rulers and subjects in Shahjahanabad (Delhi) from its founding to 1739.

Modeling Peace: Royal Tombs and Political Ideology in Early China by Jie Shi. The Mancheng site features burials of the first king and queen of the Zhongshan kingdom (second century BC).


The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel. Traces the final years of Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII. This is the third book in a series; the first two books are Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.

Lost Autumn by Mary-Rose MacColl. In 1920 Australia, a young woman serves on the train tour of dashing Edward, Prince of Wales. But glamour hides all manner of sins.

Children's Books

Queen Esther by Tomie dePaola. Queen Esther, the wife of King Ahasuerus, risks her life to prevent the killing of all the Jews in Persia. Illustrated. For children ages 5 to 7.

Mary, Queen of Scots by Fiona Macdonald, illustrated by Damian Zain. A biography that focuses on the queen's childhood and young adulthood. For children ages 8 and up.

Women Rulers Hidden in History by Sarah Eason. The lives of female rulers such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was queen of France and England, and Mongul ruler Mandukhai Katan. For children ages 8 to 12.

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