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The Brothers York: A Royal Tragedy by Thomas Penn. In 15th-century England, King Edward IV and his brothers looked invincible. But they turned on each other, unleashing a catastrophic chain of events. Published in June 2020.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in July 2020

British Royal History

Edgar Ætheling: England's Lost King by Ashley Hern. Biography of one of the last descendants of the Wessex dynasty that created the English kingdom.

Henry III: The Rise to Power and Personal Rule by David Carpenter. The first in a two-volume history of the king's rule, using rich source material to bring to life Henry's character and reign as never before.

Loyalty to the Monarchy in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain, c. 1400-1688 edited by Matthew Ward and Matthew Hefferan. Political and religious upheaval tested the bonds of loyalty between ruler and ruled.

Elizabeth I's Secret Lover: The Royal Affair With Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester by Robert Stedall. Biography of the most influential nobleman of the Elizabethan Age, who captivated the court and heart of the queen.

Art & Court of James VI & I: Bright Star of the North by Kate Anderson, Jemma Field, and Catriona Murray. Published to accompany a Scottish National Portrait Gallery exhibition, this book features art, jewelry, clothing and objects.

Modern British Royalty

Meghan and Harry: The Real Story by Lady Colin Campbell. How the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tried and failed to change the royal system, then decided to create a new life for themselves.

Her Majesty by TASCHEN. Photographs of Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton, Lord Snowdon, David Bailey, Annie Leibovitz, and others.

The Queen: Quotes to Live By by Orange Hippo! A guide to the words of Elizabeth II.


The Field of Cloth of Gold by Glenn Richardson. In 1520, Henry VIII and Francis I of France met at a spectacular festival of pageantry, controversy, and mystery.

Blood Royal: Dynastic Politics in Medieval Europe by Robert Bartlett. Explores the role played by family in the politics of royal and imperial dynasties.

Michael Romanov: Brother of the Last Tsar edited by Helen Azar and Nicholas B. A. Nicholson. Diaries and letters, 1916-1918.


Cyrus the Great: Conqueror, Liberator, Anointed One by Stephen Dando-Collins. Biography of the brilliant general who founded the Persian Empire and freed the Jews from exile at Babylon.

A Forest of History: The Maya After the Emergence of Divine Kingship edited by Travis W. Stanton and M. Kathryn Brown. Essays on the social changes leading up to the spread of divine kingship across the lowlands in the first part of the Early Classic.

Female Monarchs and Merchant Queens in Africa by Nwando Achebe. Documents the worlds and life histories of elite African females and women of privilege.

Saul, Benjamin, and the Emergence of Monarchy in Israel edited by Joachim J. Krause, Omer Sergi, Kristin Weingart. Biblical and archaeological perspectives.


The Woman Before Wallis: A Novel of Windsors, Vanderbilts, and Royal Scandal by Bryn Turnbull. Novel about Thelma Furness, who captured future king Edward VIII's heart before Wallis Simpson did.

Published in June 2020

British Royal History

Eleanor of Aquitaine by Sara Cockerill. Based on primary sources, this biography debunks myths about Eleanor and breaks new ground on her relationships with the Church, Thomas Becket, and her children.

Power-Brokers and the Yorkist State, 1461-1485 by Alexander R. Brondarbit. Examines influential people during the reigns of Edward IV and Richard III, including "Kingmaker" Richard Neville and lesser-known figures such as Edward's friend Thomas Montgomery.

Queen Victoria's Equestrian Portrait Statues by Philip Ward-Jackson. Around 1850, sculptors battled for the commission for a statue of the queen. For the winner, it was a Pyrrhic victory.

Modern British Royalty

Royals at War: The Untold Story of Harry and Meghan's Shocking Split With the House of Windsor by Dylan Howard. This tell-all book looks at the events which led Prince Harry to abandon his birthright. Has Harry ever really recovered from his mother's death? Why did Meghan refuse to conform to royal conventions? What's next for the couple?


Ippolita Maria Sforza: The Renaissance Princess Who Linked Milan and Naples by Jeryldene M. Wood. Biography. In 1465, at age 19, Ippolita married the oldest son of King Ferdinand I of Naples. Her intelligence and savvy made her a key political player.

The King's Love: Frederick the Great, His Gentle Dogs and Other Passions by Sibylle, Princess of Prussia and Frederick William, Prince of Prussia. This biography highlights Frederick III's personal relationships, interests, moods, and quirks.

Marie Antoinette's World: Intrigue, Infidelity, and Adultery in Versailles by Will Bashor. When Marie Antoinette arrived at Versailles, she was drawn into a viper's nest of scandal.

Medicine at the Courts of Europe: 1500-1837 edited by Vivian Nutton. Essays examining medical activities in a courts from the Rome of the Borgias to the Catherine the Great's Russia. (New paperback edition.)

Napoleon in 100 Objects by Gareth Glover. A journey across Napoleonic Europe to discover the places, people and objects that tell the his life story.


Tales of Royalty edited by Elisabeth Wagner-durand and Julia Linke. Notions of kingship in visual and textual narration in the ancient Near East.

What the Emperor Built: Architecture and Empire in the Early Ming by Aurelia Campbell. How how the palaces and temples of the Yongle emperor helped legitimize his usurpation of power.

Sealand: The True Story of the World's Most Stubborn Micronation and Its Eccentric Royal Family by Dylan Taylor-Lehman. How an adventurer seized an anti-aircraft gun platform off the British coast and inaugurated himself ruler of his own tiny kingdom.


The Secret Music at Tordesillas by Marjorie Sandor. It is 1555, and Juana I of Castile has died. Her musician refuses to leave the now-empty palace. But is it really empty?

Alexander's Legacy: To the Strongest by Robert Fabbri. As his final breaths fade, Alexander the Great refuses to name a successor. A ruthless battle for the throne begins. (First book in a series.)

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