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Featured Book of the Month

The Emperor Who Never Was: Dara Shukoh in Mughal India by Supriya Gandhi. Biography of the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jahan, whose death at the hands of his brother changed the course of South Asian history. Published in January 2020.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in February 2020

British Royalty

Stephen and Matilda's Civil War: Cousins of Anarchy by Matthew Lewis. Empress Matilda is remembered as high-handed, King Stephen as indecisive. This book follows both sides of their dispute to reach a more rounded understanding.

King Arthur: Man or Myth? by Tony Sullivan. An investigation of the evidence for the legendary king's existence, based on the earliest written sources in chronological order.

Philippa of Hainault: Mother of the English Nation by Kathryn Warner. The first full-length biography of Edward III's wife, who stood in the middle of the some English history's most dramatic events.

Lust, Lies and Monarchy: The Secrets Behind Britain's Royal Portraits by Stephen Millar. Features little-known stories, color paintings, photos, family trees, and Royal London walking tours with maps.

The Last Hurrah: The 1947 Royal Tour of Southern Africa and the End of Empire by Graham Viney. This book about the 1947 royal tour of southern Africa also offers an intimate portrait of King George VI and his family.

Ancient History

In the Path of Conquest: Resistance to Alexander the Great by Waldemar Heckel. Looks at Alexander's conquests from the vantage point of the defeated and reassesses Darius III's successes and failures as a commander.

How to Be a Bad Emperor: An Ancient Guide to Truly Terrible Leaders by Suetonius, translated and edited by Josiah Osgood. Provides new translations of Suetonius's entertaining and shocking biographies of Julius Caesar, Tiberius, Caligula, and Nero.


The End of the Habsburgs: The Decline and Fall of the Austrian Monarchy by John Van Der Kiste. The final chapter of the Habsburgs, from the Napoleonic era to the age of the dictators and post-war Europe.

Striving for Inclusive Development: From Pangkor to a Modern Malaysian State by Sultan Nazrin Shah. A comprehensive study of Malaysia's economic and social transformation over the past 150 years. The author is the sultan of the Malaysian state of Perak. He is also author of the book Charting the Economy.

Japan's Imperial House in the Postwar Era, 1945-2019 by Kenneth J. Ruoff. An expanded and updated study of the monarchy's role in contemporary Japan. (Previously published as The People's Emperor.)


The Girl in White Gloves: A Novel of Grace Kelly by Kerri Maher. An unappreciated girl from Philadelphia becomes queen of the screen, then trades Hollywood for a crown.

The Queen's Fortune: Desiree, Napoleon, and the Dynasty by Allison Pataki. Desiree Clary is torn between her love for Napoleon Bonaparte and his general Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte.

Dark Queen Waiting by Paul Doherty. In 1471, Margaret Beaufort plots to have her young son crowned king of England. But someone is killing her supporters one by one. Second book in a series; the first book is Dark Queen Rising.

For Children & Teens

Nefertiti by Katie Parker. Egyptian queen Nefertiti moved the seat of power and introduced a new religion. And then she vanished! For children ages 8 to 10.

Elizabeth I by Nel Yomtov. What's a woman to do when she is a pawn in English king Henry VIII's court? Take the throne! For children ages 8 to 10.

Grace of Monaco by Michael Burgan. Grace Kelly gave up her film career to become a princess. Sadly, this real-life fairytale ended in tragedy. For children ages 8 to 10.

Diana, Princess of Wales by Robin Doak. While known as a fierce trailblazer and style icon, Britain's Princess Diana was emotionally fragile. For children ages 8 to 10.

Fatal Throne: The Wives of Henry VIII Tell All by M. T. Anderson, Jennifer Donnelly, and others. Well-known authors tell the stories of English king Henry VIII's six unfortunate queens from their own viewpoints. For ages 12 and up. (New paperback edition)


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Published in January 2020

British Royal History

The Two Eleanors of Henry III: The Lives of Eleanor of Provence and Eleanor de Montfort by Darren Baker. Tells the story of the English king's wife and sister, whose close but doomed relationship reflected the turbulence of their times.

The House of Grey: Friends & Foes of Kings by Melita Thomas. The Greys were interwoven with medieval and Tudor royalty by marriage.

Kings, Lords and Courts in Anglo-Norman England by Nicholas Karn. How the changing pattern of assemblies and courts helped to redefine lordship, peasant status, and royal authority.

The Legitimacy of Bastards: The Place of Illegitimate Children in Later Medieval England by Helen Matthews. For the nobility and gentry, illegitimacy could be less of a stigma in late medieval England than it became later. This book examines bastards' social status, career opportunities, inheritance, and more. New paperback edition.


Where Dragon Veins Meet: The Kangxi Emperor and His Estate at Rehe by Stephen H. Whiteman. In 1702, the second Qing emperor ordered construction of a summer palace. Here he presided over garden tours, banquets, entertainments, and gift giving.

The Age of Emperor Akihito: Historical Controversies Over the Past and the Future edited by Takeshi Suzuki. An investigation of the role of Japan's emperor as a national symbol.

Royal Capitalism: Wealth, Class, and Monarchy in Thailand by Puangchon Unchanam. During Rama IX's reign (1946-2016), the Thai monarchy rebranded itself by embracing hard work, frugality, and self-sufficiency.


Sophia, Mother of Kings: The Finest Queen Britain Never Had by Catherine Curzon. Daughter of Frederick V of the Palatinate and Elizabeth Stuart, Sophia married Ernest Augustus, elector of Hanover. She became heir to the British thrones, and was the mother of King George I.

On the Sultan's Service: Halid Ziya Usakligil's Memoir of the Ottoman Palace, 1909-1912 translated and edited by Douglas Scott Brookes. Written by Sultan Mehmed V's secretary, this memoir provides first-hand insight into the personalities and intrigues of the Ottoman palace in its final decades.

Crossing the Rubicon: Caesar's Decision and the Fate of Rome by Luca Fezzi. Account of the fateful year leading to the ultimate crisis of the Roman Republic and the rise of Caesar's autocracy.

The Album of the World Emperor: Cross-Cultural Collecting and the Art of Album-Making in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul by Emine Fetvaci. This illustrated book examines an album of paintings, drawings, calligraphy, and European prints compiled for the Ottoman sultan Ahmed I.

King Abdul Aziz: Political Correspondence, 1904-1953 edited by A. Burdett. Four-volume set of letters to and from the first king of Saudi Arabia. Extremely expensive.


The Secret Guests by Benjamin Black. In this suspense novel, young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are hidden on an estate in Ireland during World War II.

Children's Books

Cleopatra by Christine Platt. How the Egyptian pharaoh became one of the most famous female rulers of all time. For readers ages 4 to 9.

Queen Elizabeth II: Modern Monarch by Matt Doeden. How the longest-reigning British monarch brought the royal family into the 21st century. For readers ages 9 to 14.

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