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The Quest for Queen Mary by James Pope-Hennessy, edited by Hugo Vickers. Some notes for the official biography of British king George V's wife, Mary of Teck, were kept private for 50 years. Now published for the first time, this is a portrait of the eccentric aristocracy of a bygone age. Published in December 2018.

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New Royalty Books

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Published in January 2019

British Royalty

The Restless Kings: Henry II, His Sons and the Wars for the Plantagenet Crown by Nick Barratt. About the drama that tore apart the most powerful family in 12th century western Europe and shaped the future of two nations.

George IV: King in Waiting by Stella Tillyard. Biography. "The days are very long when you have nothing to do," future king George IV once wrote, but he did his best to fill them with women, art, food, wine, fashion.

Queen Victoria: Twenty-Four Days That Changed Her Life by Lucy Worsley. Recreates the most important days in Victoria's life. Each day gives a glimpse into the identity of this powerful, difficult queen.

Before Wallis: Edward VIII's Other Women by Rachel Trethewey. About future King Edward VIII's adoration for Rosemary Leveson Gower, Freda Dudley Ward, and Thelma Furness.

Tudors and Stuarts

Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him by Tracy Borman. About the men who surrounded and interacted with King Henry VIII as companions and confidants, servants and ministers, and rivals.

Margaret Tudor: The Life of Henry VIII's Sister by Melanie Clegg. Biography of a woman who hurtled from one disaster to the next, a victim of her own poor choices and of the hostility between her son and her brother.

The Stuarts: A Very British Dynasty by Dr Andrew Lacey. Examines the Stuart kings and queens, from their early days as rulers of Scotland to their exile from the English throne.

Art and Royalty

Alexander the Great: From His Death to the Present Day by John Boardman. How Alexander has been represented in art and literature through the ages.

Nefertiti's Face: The Creation of an Icon by Joyce Tyldesley. About the famous bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti, from its ancient origins to its modern discovery and role as a political pawn. New paperback edition.

Children's Books

Prince Charles by Izzi Howell. A biography of the Prince of Wales for children ages 9 to 11.

The Duchess and Guy: A Rescue-to-Royalty Puppy Love Story by Nancy Furstinger, illustrated by Julia Bereciartu. Picture book inspired by the true story of Meghan Markle and her pet beagle, Guy. For children ages 4 to 7.

Published in December 2018

British Royalty

Queen of the World by Robert Hardman. A new portrait of the most famous woman in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, and her place in it.

King and Outlaw: The Real Robert the Bruce by Chris Brown. The life of an indomitable military genius who was unafraid of breaking convention.


The Caesar of Paris: Napoleon Bonaparte, Rome, and the Artistic Obsession That Shaped an Empire by Susan Jaques. A cultural history of Napoleon Bonaparte's fascination with ancient Rome and the Caesars, and how it shaped Paris's artistic landscape.

Here All Is Poland: A Pantheonic History of Wawel, 1787-2010 by Petro Andreas Nungovitch. About an ancient necropolis of Polish kings and queens beneath the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Poland.


A Genealogy of Dissent: The Progeny of Fallen Royals in Choson Korea by Eugene Y. Park. In early modern Korea, the Choson state conducted an extermination campaign against descendants of the preceding Koryo dynasty.

Soldier, Priest, and God: A Life of Alexander the Great by F. S. Naiden. Religion permeated Alexander's career. In Egypt he became a god. Babylon surrendered to him because he agreed to become a sacred king. This biography focuses on Alexander and religion.


The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Jennifer Robson. Fictional account of embroiderers chosen to work on the wedding dress of Britain's future queen Elizabeth II.

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