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Abkhazia: Asian Royalty
Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates
Abyssinia: Ethiopian Royalty
Afghanistan: Royalty in Afghanistan
Africa: African Royalty, Africa News Search
Ajman: The United Arab Emirates
Akkad: Sumer and Akkad
Aksum: Ethiopian Royalty
Al-Andalus: Royalty in Spain
Albania: Balkan Royalty
America: Royalty in the Americas, Pocahontas, American Princess
Anatolia: Asian Royalty
Andorra: European Royalty
Angola: African Royalty
Arab: Middle Eastern Royalty
Araucania and Pantagonia: American Royalty
Argentina: Royalty in the Americas
Armenia: Royalty in Asia
Asante (Ashanti): Royalty in Ghana
Asia: Asian Royalty
Assyria: Assyrian Royalty
Australia: Royalty in Australia
Austria: The Habsburgs
Aztec: American Royalty

Babylonia: Babylonian Royalty
Bactria: Royalty in Afghanistan
Bahamas: Royalty in the Americas
Bahrain: Royalty in Bahrain
Balkans: Balkan Royalty
Bali: Asian Royalty
Balochistan: Asian Royalty
Bangladesh: Asian Royalty
Barbados: Royalty in the Americas
Barotseland: African Royalty
Basutoland: African Royalty
Bavaria: German Royalty
Bechuanaland: Royalty in Botswana
Belgium: Belgian Royalty
Belize: Royalty in the Americas
Benin: African Royalty (modern nation of Benin); for the former kingdom of Benin, see: Nigerian Royalty
Berber: African Royalty
Bhutan: Royalty in Bhutan
Bohemia: Czechoslovak Royalty, Good King Wenceslas
Bolivia: Royalty in the Americas
Botswana: Royalty in Botswana
Brazil: Brazilian Royalty
Brunei: Royalty in Brunei
Buganda: African Royalty
Bulgaria: Balkan Royalty
Burma: Asian Royalty
Byzantium: The Byzantine Empire, Justinian & Theodora, Byzantine Empresses

Caledonia: Scottish Royalty
Cambodia: Cambodian Royalty
Canada: Canadian Royalty
Carthage: African Royalty
Celtic: European Royalty
Central African Empire: African Royalty
Ceylon: Asian Royalty
Chad: African Royalty
China: First Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, The Last Emperor of China, Chinese Royalty
Congo: Royalty in Africa
Cocos (Keeling) Islands: Royalty in Asia
Cook Islands: Royalty in Oceania
Corsica: Royalty in France
Cote D'Ivoire: Royalty in Africa
Cyprus: European Royalty
Czech: Czechoslovak Royalty

Dagbon: African Royalty
Dahomey: African Royalty
Denmark: Danish Royalty, Danish Royal News
Dilmun: Royalty in Bahrain
Dubai: The United Arab Emirates

Easter Island: Royalty in Oceania
East Timor: Royalty in Indonesia & East Timor
Ecuador: Royalty in the Americas
Egypt: Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, Egyptian Royalty
England: Modern British Royalty, English Royal History, Boadicea, Anglo-Saxons, Alfred the Great, The Normans, William the Conqueror, The Angevins, Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Plantagenets, The Lancastrians, The Yorkists, The Tudors, Henry VII, Henry VIII & Wives, Edward VI, Jane Grey, Mary I, Queen Elizabeth I, King Arthur Books and Links, Castles & Palaces; see also United Kingdom
Eritrea: African Royalty
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Royalty, Emperor Haile Selassie
Etruscans: Rome's Earliest Rulers
Europe: European Royalty, European Royal Women, The Crusades

Fiji: Oceanian Royalty
Finland: Scandinavian Royalty
France: Marie Antoinette, Louis XIV, The Man in the Iron Mask, Louis XV, Napoleon, Napoleon's Fall, Josephine, The Bonapartes, French Royalty
Franks: The Frankish Empire, The Life of Charlemagne
Fujairah: The United Arab Emirates

Gambia: African Royalty
Georgia: Asian Royalty
Germany: German Royalty
Ghana: Royalty in Ghana (modern Ghana), History of Mali (Ghana empire)
Great Britain: See United Kingdom.
Greece: Greek Royalty, Alexander the Great, Hercules, The Trojan War
Greenland: History of Greenland

Hanover: German Royalty
Hawaii: Hawaiian Royalty
Hispania: Spanish Royalty
Holy Roman Empire: The Holy Roman Empire
Hungary: Hungarian Royalty
Huns: Attila the Hun & His Empire

Iceland: History of Iceland
Iceni: Queen Boadicea
Inca: The Incas
India: Indian Royalty, Mughals, The Taj Mahal: Symbol of Royal Love
Indonesia: Indonesian Royalty
Iran: Royalty in Iran, The Pahlavis
Iraq: Royalty in Iraq
Ireland: Irish Royalty
Israel: Royalty in Israel
Italy: Italian Royalty

Jamaica: Royalty in the Americas
Japan: Japanese Royalty, Japanese Royal News
Jordan: Royalty in Jordan, Jordanian Royal News, King Hussein
Judea: Royalty in Israel

Kazakhstan: Royalty in Asia
Kenya: African Royalty
Korea: Korean Royalty
Kush: Nubian Royalty
Kuwait: Royalty in Kuwait

Ladakh: Royalty in India
Laos:Asian Royalty
Lesotho: Royalty in Lesotho
Libya: Royalty in Libya
Liechtenstein: Royalty in Liechtenstein
Lithuania: Royalty in Europe
Lobedu: South African Royalty
Luxembourg: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Macedonia: Alexander the Great, Balkan Royalty
Madagascar: Royalty in Madagascar
Malawi: African Royalty
Malaysia: Malaysian Royalty
Maldives: Asian Royalty
Mali: History of Mali
Manipur: Royalty in India
Mauretania: Royalty in Morocco
Maya: The Maya
Mesopotamia: Middle Eastern Royalty
Middle East: Middle Eastern Royalty
Monaco: Royalty in Monaco, Monaco Royal News
Mongolia: Mongolian Royalty
Monomotapa: African Royalty
Montenegro: Balkan Royalty
Morocco: Royalty in Morocco
Myanmar: Royalty in Asia

Namibia: African Royalty
Navarre: European Royalty
Nepal: Royalty in Nepal
Netherlands: Royalty in the Netherlands, Dutch Royal News
New Zealand: Royalty in New Zealand
Nigeria: Royalty in Nigeria
Norway: Norwegian Royalty, Norwegian Royal News
Nubia: Nubian Royalty

Oceania: Royalty in Oceania
Oman: Royalty in Oman
Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire

Pakistan: Indian Royalty
Palestine: Royalty in the Middle East
Palmyra: Royalty in the Middle East
Parthia: Middle Eastern Royalty
Perak: Malaysian Royalty
Persia: Royalty in Iran, Queen Esther
Peru: Peru and the Incas
Philippines: Asian Royalty
Pictland: Scottish Royalty
Poland: Polish Royalty
Polynesia: Royalty in Oceania
Pontus: Royalty in Asia
Portugal: Royalty in Portugal
Prussia: German Royalty

Qatar: Royalty in Qatar

Romania: The Real Prince Dracula, Balkan Royalty
Rom (Gypsy): European History
Rome: The Kings of Ancient Rome, The Emperors of Rome, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Nero, Rome & Barbarians
Russia: Romanovs, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Anastasia and Anna Anderson, Books about Faberge, Russian Royalty
Rwanda: African Royalty

Sabah: Malaysian Royalty
Sarawak: Malaysian Royalty
Samoa: Royalty in Oceania
Saudi Arabia: Royalty in Saudi Arabia
Saxony: Royalty in Germany
Scandinavia: Scandinavian Royalty
Scotland: Royalty in Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots, The Stuarts, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald; see also United Kingdom
Sealand: The Principality of Sealand
Seljuq Empire: Royalty in Iran
Seleucid Empire: Alexander the Great
Senegal: African Royalty
Sengalor: Asian Royalty
Sharjah: The United Arab Emirates
Siam: Anna and the King of Siam, Royalty in Thailand
Sierra Leone: African Royalty
Sikkim: Asian Royalty
Slovakia: Czechoslovak Royalty
Songhay: History of Mali and Songhai
South Africa: South African Royalty
Spain: Spanish Royalty, Isabella I, Spanish Royal News
Sri Lanka: Asian Royalty
Sudan: Royalty in Africa
Sumer: Sumer and Akkad
Swaziland: Royalty in Swaziland
Sweden: Swedish Royalty, Swedish Royal News
Syria: Royalty in the Middle East

Tahiti: Royalty in Oceania
Thailand: Royalty in Thailand, Thai Royal News, Anna and the King of Siam
Thrace: Balkan Royalty
Tibet: Royalty in China & Tibet
Timor: Royalty in Indonesia & East Timor
Togo: African Royalty
Tonga: Tongan Royalty; for the Tonga people of Africa see Zambia.
Trinidad and Tobago: Royalty in the Americas
Tuareg: African Royalty
Tunisia: African Royalty
Turkey: The Ottoman Empire

UAE: The United Arab Emirates
Uganda: Royalty in Uganda
Ukraine: Royalty in Europe
Umm al-Quwain: The United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom: Modern British Royalty, Royal News from Britain, Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles, Princess Diana's Life, Remembering Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, William & Kate's Wedding, Birth of Prince George, Sarah Ferguson, The Queen Mother, Edward VIII, Royal Marriage Proposals, The Stuarts, James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II, Mary II and William III, Queen Anne, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald, The Hanoverians, Madness of King George III, George IV, Bad Queen Caroline, The Regency, Queen Victoria and Her Family, The Royal Ripper?, Edward VII, English Royal History, Scottish Royalty, The UK
United States of America: Royalty in the Americas

Vatican: Vatican - the Holy See
Vietnam: Royalty in Asia
Vikings: The Vikings

Wales: Welsh Royalty
Wallachia: The Real Prince Dracula
Wessex: Anglo-Saxon Royalty

Yemen: Royalty in the Middle East
Yoruba: Royalty in Nigeria
Yugoslavia: Balkan Royalty

Zambia: Zambian Royalty
Zaria: Nigerian Royalty
Zazzau: Nigerian Royalty
Zenj: African Royalty
Zimbabwe: African Royalty
Zululand: South African Royalty

Misc: Royalty Magazines, Royal Castles and Palaces, Royal Collectibles, Tiaras & Jewels, Royal Genealogy, Royalty and Religion, Caliphate, Royal Women, All World Rulers, Almanach de la Cour, CIA World Factbook, Constantian Society, Countrywatch.com, FAQ for alt.talk.royalty - World Royalty, Foros Realeza (in Spanish), Guide and Index to Lists of Rulers, International Monarchist League, International Who's Who: Royal Families, Joan's Royalty in History Page, Netty's Royalty Page, RoyalDish, The Royal Forums, Royal Styles, Royal News and Views, Robert Warholm's Royal Site, Terrence J. Boyle Royalty Site, Royalty Trivia and Quizzes, Stylish Royal Men, Theodore's Royalty & Monarchy Page, The Royal Universe, A Treasury of Royal Scandals, Unofficial Royalty, World Statesmen, Yvonne's Royalty Homepage, Zarate's Political Collections, PWHCE, King Nicholas and the Copeman Empire (humor)
World Time Zones: The Fixed Time World Clock, World Clock Meeting Planner, WORLDTIME
Charities/Humanitarian: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Mercy Corps, ReliefWeb, United Nations World Food Programme, UN Refugee Agency, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
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