Perkin Warbeck's chin

I seem to be in the mood to complain right now, so let's talk about a book cover that really, really annoys me:


The book is The Perfect Prince by Ann Wroe. I read it a few months ago. It's about Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be the lost Tudor prince Richard, Duke of York (one of the Princes in the Tower).

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this book a 5. It was interesting, but I didn't find myself agreeing with the writer's conclusions. Her style is ultra-literary, and a little of that goes a long way for me. But in places it worked, and the book did hold my attention all the way to the end, and — well, never mind the review, let's talk about that awful cover.

What made the publisher think I wanted to see a picture of Perkin Warbeck's chin?!

If that is his chin. Is it? It could be someone else's chin, for all I know.

The book contains other pictures of Mr. Warbeck, but they're not very good. That portrait on the cover looks good. I want to see that. But the publisher's not going to show it to me, oh no. The publisher is going to show me only the chin. Because that's more artistic!

Moving on to another book cover: There are many beautiful portraits of Marie Antoinette. Here is what Carrolly Erickson's publisher put on the cover of her novel The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette:

That's very pretty. Or it would be if I could see it. Marie Antoinette was famous for her hairstyles. So why can't I see her hair? Why can't I see her whole dress? I want to see a portrait of Marie Antoinette, not a portrait of her elbow!

OK, I've complained enough. I feel better now. I'm sure the publishers of the world will immediately take heed of my wishes and start putting full portraits on book covers, not chins and elbows. If not, I may be forced to complain again. Beware.

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