Spanish royalty names

Spain's Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia recently had their first child, a daughter named Leonor. This is a Spanish form of the name Eleanor. Felipe in English is, of course, Philip, and Letizia in English would be Leticia or Lettice. (I've read that Letizia's parents intended to name her Leticia, but someone made a spelling mistake at the time of her birth; I don't know if that's true.)

Here are the names of the kings of Spain since 1516, with the English versions of their names in parentheses: Fernando (Ferdinand), Carlos (Charles), Felipe (Philip), Luis (Louis), José (Joseph), Amadeo (Amadeus), Alfonso (Alphonse), Juan Carlos (John Charles).

(Note that King José/Joseph was not a member of the Spanish royal family, but a brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. Joseph Bonaparte reigned as king of Spain for five years before being deposed.)

Name of the only reigning queen of Spain since 1516: Isabel (Isabella

Names of Spanish kings' wives: Isabel (Isabella or Elizabeth), Maria (Mary), Ana (Anne), Margarita (Margaret), Mariana (Marie-Anne, Maria Anna), María Luisa (Marie Louise), María Magdalena Bárbara, María Amalia, Julie, María Isabel, María Josefa (Maria Josepha), María Cristina (Maria Christina), María Victoria, María de las Mercedes, Victoria Eugenia (Victoria Eugenie), Sofia (Sophia).

(Note: Julie was the wife of Joseph Bonaparte.)

The name of Queen Isabel II's husband: Francisco

Daughters of the current king of Spain: Elena, Cristina

Putting it all together, here are two partial lists of Spanish royal names:

Male: Alfonso, Amadeo, Carlos, Felipe, Fernando, Francisco, José, Juan Carlos, Luis

Female: Amalia, Ana, Bárbara, Cristina, Elena, Isabel, Josefa, Leonor, Letizia, Luisa, Magdalena, Margarita, María, Mariana, Sofia, Victoria

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