No, you can't marry him

Dear Cinderella,

If I wanted to marry prince Henry what would be the best approach.

Ps ignore E-mail address. You can answer my question at [address and phone number]

I only reply to questions via email, so I can't answer this question unless I answer it here. And unfortunately, I can't really answer this question at all. If you want to marry a prince, your best bet is to meet him first, and princes don't have enough hours in the day to meet all the people who want to marry them.

It is possible for an ordinary person to marry a prince: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is one example. But she didn't set out to marry Crown Prince Frederik. In fact, she reportedly didn't know he was a prince when she met him.

So I guess my advice is: Forget about princes and start taking an interest in the people around you, and maybe you'll find your prince after all.

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