It's my first blogiversary

The World of Royalty blog is one year old today!

When I first started the blog, I was worried about whether I would be able to find enough time and material to post regularly. Well, after 452 posts I can safely say I was wrong about that.

I didn't anticipate how much fun blogging would be. It's great to have a place to post all the interesting, off-beat, and downright silly things I see every day that don't really fit on the main website. Not to mention a place to share my own occasional video game review, webmaster worry, or random complaint.

So, even though this blog has attracted few regular readers (I think there are three of you), I'm going to continue for another year.

Now I just have to keep myself from starting MORE blogs. (No, you do NOT have time for another blog, so stop thinking about it! Get back to work on your website! Bad webmaster!)

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