I wonder if Kate Middleton reads these?

I don't know exactly why — maybe it's the subtle title — but something about this made me laugh:


As you can see, The Future King's Pregnant Mistress by Penny Jordan is from the Royal House of Niroli series. From the cover blurb:

"It's time for playboy prince Marco to claim his rightful place–on the throne of Niroli! Marco Fierezza is used to being obeyed– especially by the women he beds! …But what will this king-in-waiting do when he discovers his mistress is pregnant?"

My goodness, what a dilemma! But since it's a romance novel, I think I can guess how this will end up.

All kidding aside, I've read a few Harlequins (although none about royalty), and I think some were by Penny Jordan. And they were not bad if you like light entertainment (I do).

There are a lot of these royalty romances around now, so someone must be reading them, despite the increasingly silly titles. Does anyone out there have an opinion, good or bad, to share about these books?

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