A social network for royal watchers?!

I love the Internet. There's always something new to do online. I just created this: World of Royalty Network. (UPDATE: Link removed.)

It's a social network, kind of like MySpace or Facebook, but it's for royal watchers (history fans are welcome, too). I've been playing around with it for a few hours and I've been enjoying it, although I don't have any "friends" there yet!

You can create your own blog or group as part of the World of Royalty Network, if you like. The more the merrier. (And for people who have their own royalty or history sites/blogs and/or books — it's OK to promote them there, if you want to do that. Everyone is welcome.)

I suspect this won't be very popular, but I thought it would be fun to try out. And it's so purple! Very royal. I am happy.

One Reply to “A social network for royal watchers?!”

  1. The network currently has over 700 members, but due to changes at Ning I'll be closing it down on May 30. It was fun while it lasted – thank you to everyone who joined.

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