Britney, Diana, and Wonder Woman

According to recent gossip, singer Britney Spears is "obsessed" with Princess Diana.

The evidence for this supposed obsession? She has allegedly turned a room into a "shrine" to the princess and she sometimes uses the code name Diana Prince.

Wait a second, doesn't Wonder Woman also use that name? Oh my God, stop the presses, Wonder Woman is obsessed with Princess Diana, too! Or maybe Britney Spears IS Wonder Woman!

I don't know if Britney really has a secret super-heroine identity. But she's welcome to join the World of Royalty Network. There are lots of people there who collect books about princesses. We don't think that's weird.

(2011 UPDATE: Well, the WOR Network no longer exists, but Britney is welcome to hang out here on the blog or at, where Diana fans are always welcome.)

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