A new Marie Antoinette?

French president Nicolas Sarkozy recently spent his wedding night with former supermodel Carla Bruni at "the opulent Palace of Versailles… ensuring that his foreign bride would, as with all first ladies, spark comparisons with the ill-fated Marie Antoinette."

There is no shortage of articles and blog posts comparing Ms. Bruni to Marie Antoinette, including this one from novelist Catherine Delors: In the grand tradition of French royal mistresses: Marie-Antoinette, Sarkozy & Bruni

As it happens, Catherine Delors is the author of the forthcoming novel Mistress of the Revolution, which is set during the French Revolution.

One Reply to “A new Marie Antoinette?”

  1. This is really insulting to compare carla bruni with marie antoinette.
    And I would like to apologize to marie antoinette's family !

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