Back in black… er, well, purple

Whew. Recently I've spent almost every free moment — and some moments that weren't so free — struggling with the redesign for the home page. I'm not a visual or artistic person, so it hasn't been easy (especially since I do my HTML coding by hand and I'm not a genius at that, either).

Well, it's finally done. I hope. Check it out, if you're so inclined. I'll wait here till you come back.

Wait, wait, wait, la la la… ::elevator music::

Oh, you're back. Do you hate it??!!

Right now you're probably saying to yourself, "What's the big deal? It's just a website, and they're all alike." And of course it's not a big deal to anyone except me.

My site has been around for almost ten years, and in that time its appearance hasn't changed much. I'm starting to feel that it's very dated, which is the reason for the redesign. The new design should also make the site easier to update.

But I've received a number of letters over the years from people who told me that they liked the way the site looks, so I'm nervous about tinkering with it.

When I posted the new version of the Royal News page last week, I immediately received a nice email from a lady who called it "easier to read" and "a pleasure to read." But today I received email from another visitor who thinks the new look is "not very aesthetically pleasing" and "too harsh." Aargh.

Well, obviously I can't please everyone, but I appreciate all comments (whether positive or negative) and suggestions, even if I can't act on them right away.

Now that the new homepage is online, I can take a short break from the world of HTML, javascript, and all things purple to concentrate on other fun things, like updating the Royal News page and paying my taxes.

Thank you for your patience with this rambling blog post.

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