Living Goddess documentary

This looks interesting! The documentary Living Goddess, directed by Ishbel Whitaker, "follows the lives of three young girls who are worshipped as deities in Nepal. Their lives collide with the modern world when an out-of-touch king wrests power for himself as civil war rages.

"During the 2005 and 2006 shoots, the focus was largely on 8-year-old goddess Sajani Shakya, who announced in March she was retiring early from her status as a goddess."

Thank you to Libby for sending this info! If you're interested in buying this DVD, it's now available from Amazon.

MAY 24 UPDATE: I have now seen this documentary. It has no narration, only subtitles, so you have to pay close attention and some questions go unanswered, but it's a fascinating look into the lives of these girls. (Warning: It contains scenes of animal sacrifice.)

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