"Royal Weddings" cover

Royal Weddings, edited by Friederike Haedecke and Julia Melchior, takes a look at the pageantry of royal weddings in such countries as Sweden, Japan, and Spain. The text is in English and German.

The book includes 125 color and 57 black-and-white illustrations, including wedding invitations and little-known photos capturing private moments. It also has a very nice cover, which unfortunately isn't being shown on Amazon.com yet, but Friederike Haedecke sent it to me so Royalty.nu visitors could see it. Here it is:

Thank you to Friederike for this image!

2013 UPDATE: The new edition of this book uses a new cover image, but the old version with the Diana cover is currently still available at Amazon.

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  1. Hi Cinderella,
    Gla dto have found your blog:) I linked to your blog because I read yesterday in the Spain edition of Vogue about "Royal Weddings". You are the only site I found an actual picture of the cover, much as you say, the image is not available. I am crediting you for the image and providing a link to your blog:)

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