Royal follies #2

Once again, let's take a peek into the news archives at some memorable news stories from years gone by:

July 2000
Oops, Sorry About That

In a full-page newspaper ad, Prince Ernst August of Hanover apologized for urinating on the Turkish pavilion at the Expo 2000 World's Fair.

March 2002
Royal Runs Away With Circus, Comes Back…

The never-boring Princess Stephanie of Monaco fell in love with an elephant tamer, moved in with him, and even traveled with his circus. Their relationship reportedly ended after some two years. (sorry – link expired)

September 2003
…And Runs Away With Circus Again

Princess Stephanie was reported to have secretly married a circus acrobat after an alleged affair with a palace gardener. The princess and the acrobat divorced in 2004.

May 2006
Tastes Like Veal

Prince Henrik of Denmark reportedly loves dogs. As pets. And fried.

September 2006
At Least He Didn't Pee on Anything

This headline speaks for itself:
Drunken Harry smokebombs 21st birthday party (link expired)

As you can see, there's always something going on in the world of royalty. For the latest news, visit the News page.

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