Royal follies

I don't have anything to post today, so let's take a look at some memorable news links from the archives. I know I'll never forget the one about the drunken bear…

November 1998
It's So Hard to Keep Good Help

Especially when they insist on escaping through a 29th floor window.

February 2002
Even Royals Get the Blues
It's not fair! Everyone thinks my son is so great just because he's heir to the throne!

October 2006
Oh, Like You Never Shot a Drunken Bear

Officials were quick to deny this.

April 2007
Reason #1 to Be Glad You're Not Royal

If you were, crazy people would get fixated on you for no logical reason.

July 2007
She Talks to Angels
And she'll teach you how, too.

Whether you like your royal news ridiculous or not, you'll find plenty to read on the News page.

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