Australians prefer republic

Queen Elizabeth II is Australia's head of state, but 52 percent of Australians want to get rid of the monarchy, according to a poll.

(UPDATE: I have removed the link to the original news article because it has expired.)

One Reply to “Australians prefer republic”

  1. This is the fault of the Royal Family. They are quite naturaly UK centered. However, when the Queen's children became of age some should have moved to Australia and NZ either permanently or for long periods each year. There is no reason that the Duke of York could not do so now. He is rid of the idiot wife and his dim children are adults. He certainly could have a good life in both countries. The same goes for Prince Edward. He has a beautiful and really charming wife. His children could have a wonderful and more normal life there. He and the wife are really not needed in the Royal Family in UK.
    It may be too late for this but it is worth a try and should be done quickly.

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