Introducing the new Royal News Blog!

I've had several days of webmaster headaches (I won't bore you with the very boring details), so there will be no Royal Week in Review this week.

However! I can offer you a link to my newly relocated and quite improved Royal News Blog.

The blog has been around (on TypePad) for a few years, but I haven't said much about it because I use it mainly to organize and track the syndicated news articles, photos, and videos published on the site.

But the blog's move to WordPress lets me do a lot more with it. The posts are now tagged and searchable, so you should find it easier and more fun to browse there now, even if you don't know much about the world's current royal families… yet.

On the blog you'll find royal news from around the world, including British royal news articles that are no longer available on's British Royal News page. Links to old photos and videos about world royalty will also remain on the blog after they've vanished from the main site.

However, you won't find many links to other news sites on the blog. For a complete look at current royal news you can visit the News page. I think the two sites compliment each other nicely now.

So check the Royal News Blog out and, if you feel like it, leave a comment to tell me what you think! It's still under construction, and I'll be working over the next few weeks to get things up to date.

If you have been linking to the old version of the blog, please update your links because that will be going offline very soon. And I apologize for removing the old RSS feed without warning — I know some people were using that. I haven't added a link to the new RSS feed yet because I have to set it up at Feedburner, but I will try to do that soon.

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