Royal bestsellers: July & August 2008

The most popular royalty books during the past two months, based on sales made through the website:


Royal Weddings edited by Friederike Haedecke and Julia Melchior. Photos of the pageantry of royal weddings in such countries as Sweden, Japan, and Spain. The text is in English and German.


The Royal Hellenic Dynasty by Prince Michael of Greece, Mrs. Helen Helmis-Markesinis, and Arturo E. Beéche. Photos of the Greek royal family from their personal collections. Includes a detailed family tree.


The Romanovs: Ruling Russia 1613-1917 by Lindsey Hughes. How the Romanov dynasty shaped Russia for three centuries.


The First Queen of England: The Myth of "Bloody Mary" by Linda Porter. Biography. Mary I was a Latin scholar, a musician, and the most hated monarch in English history.


Royal Affairs by Leslie Carroll. A romp through the extramarital adventures that rocked the British monarchy.

For more books about royalty past and present, visit the Royal Books page!

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