Royal follies #3 – Nepal edition

After years of declining power and popularity, Nepal's monarchy came to an official end in May 2008 when the country became a republic. Naturally, there was a great deal of news coverage surrounding the monarchy's final years, including these memorable stories:

June 2006
Blame the Bottle
Lack of breast-feeding caused Nepal royal family's downfall?

January 2007
Speaking of Bottles…
Nepal's crown prince reportedly surprised the local media by not hitting the bottle — or anything else — at his birthday party.

April 2007
Royal Sweet Tooth Revealed
Nepal's government spent 1.7 million rupees each year (approximately €30,055 euros or $40,875 US dollars) to keep the royal palace supplied with honey. (Sorry, this link has expired)

August 2007
Blame the Secret Room
Did Tutankhamen-like curse claim Nepal's royal family? (link expired)

January 2008
Maybe You Ate Too Much Royal Honey
"If your stomach hurts, is it the king's fault?" (link expired)

For the latest news about Nepal's former royal family, visit's Nepal page. And you'll find royal news from around the world on the News page.

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