The NEW new Royal News Blog!

Welcome to the Royal News Blog at its NEW new location!

I recently moved the blog (from its original location on TypePad) to, but that only lasted a few hours because I soon realized wouldn't let me use javascript. No javascript would mean no royal news photos, so it was goodbye and hello!

Please update your bookmarks, because the old Royal News Blog on TypePad will soon be taken offline.

I know the blog looks bare right now. That's temporary. I have to find a theme and get things organized here.

Ideas? Suggestions? What do YOU want from the Royal News Blog that isn't out there already? Please share!

This blog offers only a taste of what the World of Royalty has to offer. If you want to see all of the latest royal news from around the world, visit's Royal News page!

2 Replies to “The NEW new Royal News Blog!”

  1. After a full day of looking at what seemed like hundreds of themes, I ended up using another one from InfoCreek — their themes are fantastic! You'll find links to their site at the bottom of this blog.

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