Wacky Keyword Envy Syndrome

I like it when bloggers talk about the unexpected search terms people used to find their blogs. For example:

Monday morning keywords
"And as the nail sunk in the cloud…"

I'm a contributor to The Kate Middleton Report, which gets some interesting searches. But people generally find the World of Royalty Blog using the search terms you would expect: world royalty, world of royalty, royalty blog, etc., as well as more specific searches like Viking teeth.

Where, oh where, are my wacky keywords? Is my blog is suffering from a wackiness deficit?

Looking more closely at search terms for the past month, I find a few promising, if familiar, phrases:

kate middleton dirty feet
kate middleton feet
kate middleton's feet
kate middletons toes

This would make a good blog post, but alas! it's already been covered over on The Kate Middleton Report, where we are well aware of the popularity of Ms. Middleton's feet.

If I eliminate Kate's feet from consideration, that leaves me with just the following:

weeding pictures of king mohamed 6
OK, I know you meant wedding, but weeding is kind of funny.

Prince william future wife psychic
I hope so. That would be cool.

And that's it… no, WAIT! AHA! We have a winner!

"wonder woman" troll gossip
Wow. I bet that's quite a story.

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