Sneak peek: November 2008 royalty books

Lots of interesting new books about royalty are scheduled to be published next month. Here's a sneak peek. The full list will appear on the Books page on November 1. (Publication dates are subject to change.)

In Triumph's Wake by Julia P. Gelardi. Three European royal mothers, their tragic daughters, and the price they paid for glory.

The King's Messenger by David B. Ottaway. Prince Bandar bin Sultan and America's relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Philip II of Macedonia by Ian Worthington. Biography of Alexander the Great's father, whose stormy relationship with his son may have ended in murder.

The Concubine, the Princess, and the Teacher translated and edited by Douglas Scott Brookes. The memoirs of three women from the Ottoman harem.

Aethelred II: King of the English by Ryan Lavelle. New insight into the reign of Anglo-Saxon king Aethelred the Unready.

Royal Succession in the African Kingdom of Nso': A Study in Oral Historiography by Bongfen Chem-Langhee and Verkijika Fanso. A look at the Nso people of Cameroon.

Speaking to History: The Story of King Goujian in Twentieth-Century China by Paul A. Cohen. Why the story of King Goujian, a complex 5th century BC monarch, spoke powerfully to the Chinese in the 20th century.

If I could pick only one of these books to read, it would probably be the one about Philip II because I can't resist ancient history. Which book would you read?


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  1. In Triumph's Wake sounds interesting. I was a bit disappointed by Gelardi's Born to Rule though. I don't recall why at the moment but I didn't enjoy that book as much as I thought I would.

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