2 Replies to “"Terrible history with no point"”

  1. The BBC didn't create The Tudors, it's a Showtime program.

    I tend to wonder whether sometimes, people like David Starkey just make comments for the sake of getting some attention. While I've heard that the series is historically innacurate – although not knowing much about that period, I wouldn't know the difference. The show is supposed to show a sexy side to Henry VIII's life. It's supposed to be entertainment, not a history lesson. Who knows, maybe seeing Johnathan Rhys Meyers in the title role has sparked an interest in the period?

  2. I think it's sparked a very big interest in the period. I've only seen the first episode, and I was disappointed. It did seem to change things for no reason at all. But if its popularity leads to more movies and TV shows about the era, I'll be happy.

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