Sneak peek: December 2008 royalty books

The recent flood of new royalty books has slowed to a trickle, so I'm featuring just five books in this month's sneak peek instead of the usual seven.

Henri IV of France: His Reign and Age by Vincent J. Pitts. Before his assassination in 1610, Henri IV pacified his warring country.

A Royal Home in Wales: Llwynywermod by Mark Baker. Purchased in 2006 by Prince Charles, Llwynywermod is the first royal home in Wales since the time of the English Civil War. This book charts its history.

The King's Daughter: A Novel of the First Tudor Queen by Sandra Worth. After her father's death, Elizabeth of York experiences one devastation after another.

The Virgin Queen's Daughter by Ella March Chase. Novel. Young Nell de Lacey arrives at the Tudor court and finds she is the mirror image of Queen Elizabeth I.

Royal Escape by Susan Froetschel. Mystery thriller about a fictional Princess of Wales who wants to end her marriage.

Publication dates are subject to change. The full list of new royalty books will appear on the Books page on December 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, it would probably be the one about Henri IV. Which book would you choose?

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