5 Replies to “Not so funny after all”

  1. It must be so tempting to do this more often because everyone tries to make them move or react. All day, every day could get very irritating I am sure!

    Fun video!

  2. Hi Cinderella! I find this unbelievable! I mean, it didn't look like the guy was threatening or anything. It reminds me of when I was in my early 20's, on a trip to Greece. and we went to see the guardsmen there. Being young and having fun, I remember doing the same thing with my girlfriends. We laughed a lot and even got it on tape. It was harmless and done in good fun. (Maybe Greek gauardsmen are more tolerant of pesky tourists)?

  3. It looked like the tourist was just having fun, but I can't help sympathizing with the guard because I would have been annoyed, too. It must take a lot of patience to do that job.

  4. Yes, I agree with you- pacing all day long like that…but I never thought this could happen; they always look nothing fazes them. I also imagine that many tourists march along just for fun. Poor guards, they must hate to be annoyed like that.

  5. The tourist must've been a real jerk, because these guards are highly trained military men who do not react to simple giddiness. Hence my surprise!

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