Royal Week in Review – January 10, 2008

The War on Insults Continues
Thailand blocks 2,300 websites for insulting monarchy (link expired)

Royal Crime Victim of the Week
Beatrice's beamer stolen as she pops into shop (link expired)

Royal Engagement Rumor of the Week
Speculation of royal wedding bells as Kate turns 27 (link expired)

A Romantic Royal Test
Queen's attempt to tempt Frederik from Mary

Royals Speak Out on Gaza:

Jordan king tells Blair world's Gaza 'silence' unacceptable (link expired)

Emir of Qatar calls for Arab summit on Gaza (video)

Queen Rania appeals for urgent aid for Gaza (link expired)

Saudi royal blasts US 'reckless' position on Gaza (link expired)

King Juan Carlos calls for immediate cease fire in Gaza

Bahrain king floats Islamic summit on Gaza (link expired)

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