All a-Twitter

The life of a royalty site owner is an exciting one. When I'm not cutting and pasting headlines about Prince Harry's latest apologies, I like to lurk around Web 2.0 news sites (like Mashable), wondering when venture capitalists will stop investing in all those half-baked interactive social widget thingamajigs and start throwing their billions at royalty websites instead.

Recently, one company name keeps popping up on these sites: Twitter. It's like Paris Hilton — you don't want to hear about her, but you can't escape. Everywhere I turn it's Twitter this and Twitter that, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. How irritating.

So, of course, in the end I signed up for Twitter. Here's my worldofroyalty profile page. You can also see the RSS feed in this blog's sidebar (it's currently under the Google ad).

The concept of Twitter is difficult to explain, maybe because I don't really get it yet. It's a micro-blog (posts limited to 140 characters) where you're apparently supposed to share every random detail of your life. (I had strawberries and yogurt for breakfast this morning, in case you're wondering. And my refrigerator is broken.) Or you can share links of articles you're reading. Or…

Well, I'm still figuring out how to use it, and whether or not, and why. But I can already see that it's fun and informative. I quickly found several other royalty site owners on Twitter and signed up as their followers.

And now I can annoy my blog's readers the way other blogs annoyed me. Twitter this and Twitter that! Twitter tweet Twitter! Look how cool I am! Bwhahahaha!

Sorry about that. It will never happen again.

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