Prince wins TV dance competition!

Italian prince Emanuele Filiberto and his dance partner, Natalia Titova, were chosen as the winners of the TV show "Ballando Con Le Stelle" (Dancing With the Stars)! And in the clip below, you can see why. (This is for you, Lucy!)

The prince is the grandson of Italy's last monarch, King Umberto II. I'll post more videos and photos from the show's finale on the News page later today.

2013 UPDATE: Sorry, the video originally posted here is no longer available.

6 Replies to “Prince wins TV dance competition!”

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I love him!! Just look at him- not only is he gorgeous, he's got such class; a real gentleman. They tried so hard to knock him down, but he kept his dignity throughout. He deserved this:) Cinderella you're a doll. Thanks so much for this amazing post!

  2. I am shocked and horrified at the sad spectacle that the heir to a long line of Kings and Princes has made of himself. I disagree that Prince Philberto Emanuelle has "class". If he did he wouldn't need to do such a publicity hound kind of thing such as this. Deeply disillusioned here. No wonder most Italian monarchists support the Duke of Aosta over him for the Italian throne.

  3. I'm sorry the filter has been holding your comments for approval. I think it's confused by your email address for some reason. I think (hope) it will learn over time to accept your comments because I keep approving them.

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