Princess Anne in Gibraltar

Today Britain's Princess Royal arrived in Gibraltar for a controversial three-day visit. (Sorry, the news link and photo that originally appeared in this post have expired.)

3 Replies to “Princess Anne in Gibraltar”

  1. Controversial visit??? Controversial to whom???

    It really is none of Spain's business who visits Gibraltar!!!

    For Spanish politicians to call Princess Anne's visit to Gibraltar an 'affront to Spain' is itself an affront to Britain and Gibraltarians… and the height of impertinence.

    The British papers… should pay more attention to Gibraltar's 'sensibilities'… and tell Spain where to get off.. and stop giving their whingeing so much coverage!!

    As for the Treaty of Utrecht… wake up… it's consigned to history and should no longer have any validity in the 21st century… especially when the people of Gibraltar have consistently and emphatically declared their own freely expressed wishes of self determination… all very democratically.

    As I said on my blog… It's about time Spain grew up… and got over it… and renounced their anachronistic claim to Gibraltar!

    Baaaah… they really are tiresome and exasperating! Where's Drake when you need him!!

    "So please your Majesty, to singe the King of Spain's beard; it has grown somewhat too long."

    Saludos! 🙂

  2. Interesting how countries can have self negating arrguments – Argentina wants the Falklands back but never talks about giving the land back that they took from Paraguay or Cueta going back to Morocco from Spain.

  3. Spain has been a bullyboy towards Gibraltar in the same way that Argentina has been a bullyboy towards the Falkland Islands & Guatemala has been a bullyboy towards Belize.

    The Gibraltarian people voted in 2 referenda in 1967 & 2002 to stay under the Union Jack,as they are as British as the Falkland Islanders are.

    Does anyone else agree with me on this?


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