The main World of Royalty website is 11 years old today. All I can say is wow.

OK — maybe I can say a little more than that.

The site started on April 17, 1998 as a single page on Geocities — just a place to keep my history links so I wouldn't lose them if my computer crashed. (Bookmarking sites like Delicious didn't exist in Ye Olden Days.)

Soon I added a news page, and some history articles that were frequently revised to reflect suggestions from the site's visitors. (Wikipedia didn't exist in the Olden Days, either.)

I moved to the Royalty.nu domain in 2001. The site still has link lists and some history articles, but these days I'm focusing mainly on royal news and royalty books because that's where I think I can still add something useful.

Will Royalty.nu exist 11 years from now? Probably. It definitely would not have survived for its first 11 years without the kindness, encouragement and support of its loyal visitors. My thanks to you all.

13 Replies to “Eleven”

  1. Hello, I am back after a little rest for a surgery.
    First of all, congratulations for that wonderful work! 11 years.

    Thanks for the pleasure, the discussions, the informations, all the things which made this blog unique.

    And long life to our Cinderella.

  2. Thank you for 11 wonderful years of royal reporting. Your site is one of a kind. The new layout looks terrific.
    Congrats from a huge fan!

  3. Congrats Cinderella! Your site is a model for all other royal news websites and blogs. Keep up the great work, and yes, I believe World of Royalty will around for 11 more years!

  4. Hi Cinderella,
    I have not posted in a long time but I always the vist site once or twice a day. It's my treat for the day. It's so great that you have put so much work into this, where people like us can keep up with all the royal news of the day and read about new and interesting bits from history.
    thank you for your hard work.

  5. Visiting your site is a treat for me, too! The site is informative, timely, and easy to navigate. Thanks for everything!

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