Royal Week in Review – April 25, 2009

A Meeting of Royals
Dutch royal family welcomes Swedish king & queen (sorry, this link has expired)

Mysterious Claim of the Week
'Palace massacre linked to princess' crash death'

No Royal Help Here
Boy asks King about name change (expired)

Bad Behavior at Buckingham Palace
Officers 'sat on Queen's throne'

Royal History in the News This Week
Archaeologists hunt for Cleopatra's tomb in Egypt (link expired)

…But that's not all. For a lot more royal news, photos, and videos, visit the News page.

2 Replies to “Royal Week in Review – April 25, 2009”

  1. A marvellous state visit in Holland, beautiful jewels, dresses and pageantry.
    A glimpse of beauty in a grey world.

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