A new, perhaps improved, look

If you're a regular visitor to the blog, you'll probably notice that I've changed the header image. What can I say: I'm fickle.

Well, actually, I changed the image to match the new beige background color, and I changed that because the previous purple background, while quite royal, made it hard to read the blog's text while the rest of the blog was taking its sweet time loading… OK, never mind, let's just go back to calling me fickle.

I fear the blog title doesn't show up very well against the new image, but I can't find a title color that works better with that image. Aargh. Also, I'm wondering if the blog has too many colors going on now…? I'd hate to kill the pink/purple in the sidebar, but should I??? Oh, dear. I should, shouldn't I.

Obviously I am not a design guru. If you have an opinion about this new look, good or bad, please share it. Or feel free to simply point at the blog and laugh heartily.

In case you're wondering, the new header image is from an 1815 painting of Heidelberg Castle by Carl Philipp Fohr. According to Wikimedia Commons, it is in the public domain.

2 Replies to “A new, perhaps improved, look”

  1. Im loving the new beige color, and the title color is okay,maybe you could try a darker blue or just good old black/brown haha.. But the olor theme you have going is very beautiful and eye catching, so Im giving you a big thumbs up…


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