When Princess Diana met Michael Jackson

Princess Diana with Michael Jackson at his concert for the Prince's Trust at Wembley, London, July 1988.

2012 UPDATE: Sorry, the photo originally published here is no longer available, but here is a video from that same night. (Warning: It includes flashing lights.) It's fun to see them together like this. He seems nervous and she seems shy. Hard to believe they are both gone.

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  1. The world pays tribute today to Michael Jackson, this unforgettable image of the 2 iconic people, human beings followed to their deaths, most photographed on the globe, tortured by papparzzi and media attention, and lest not forget the most sensitive souls in recent history.
    . Pray may pass each other in the next life and comfort one another. God Bless you and protect our future King William and the princes that you both nurtured and loved…and left behind in your legacy.

    RIP – siempre …Thank you for your beauty, you join Audrey, Elvis and Marilyn….in heaven..

  2. What a Fabulous photo! From here in America I followed Princess Diane with awe, with all she had to endure, it was just heart breaking that she was taken far too early in her life. Now we have the loss of our beloved Michael. And, yes, I agree that both had such gentle souls. They could have spread their love so much more if not being hounded by the press. We will miss them forever. And I know that they are praying for us to understand what they were trying to convey; that Love is the true answer.

  3. I cannot agree more. I'm writing a story about them in their memory. I'm sure they would've loved it.

    R.I.P., Michael and Princess Diana. You are angels in Heaven!

  4. العالم يفتقد مايكل جاكسون فكما يقولون ولد ملكا وعاش ملكا ومات ملكا
    good bay micheal jakson

  5. I love Michael Jackson and I'm related to Princess Diana! When I first saw this pic I freaked out I was like oh my god! I'm related to Di and I love Michael Jackson and I fanted

  6. Hey am a big fan of micheal and I love his song from ever since I was five ur gone but not forgotten by million of us r.i.p

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