Sneak peek: August 2009 royalty books

I'm not done compiling next month's New Royal Books list yet, but it seems publishers won't be offering us many new royalty-related titles in August, so I'm highlighting five books in this sneak peek instead of the usual seven. (Publication dates are subject to change.)

The Kingmaker's Sisters: Six Powerful Women in the Wars of the Roses by David Baldwin. About six sisters who married noblemen fighting on opposite sides in the Wars of the Roses.

The Life of Mary, Queen of Scots: An Accidental Tragedy by Roderick Graham. Biography of a passive young woman who became a victim of circumstance.

St Edmund, King and Martyr: Changing Images of a Medieval Saint edited by Anthony Bale. Essays about St Edmund's cult from the ninth century to the early modern period.

The Virgin's Daughters: In the Court of Elizabeth I by Jeane Westin. Novel about Queen Elizabeth I, told through the eyes of two ladies-in-waiting.

Little Red's Autumn Adventure by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Little Red and her friends help two lost mice. For children ages 4 to 8. (The author is the ex-wife of Britain's Prince Andrew.)

If I could only read one of these books, it would be "The Kingmaker's Sisters" because it's an interesting topic that I know little about. Which book would you pick?

4 Replies to “Sneak peek: August 2009 royalty books”

  1. i have not read St Edmund, King and Martyr: Changing Images of a Medieval Saint by Anthony Bale but having read some of bales other publications, i would definitely want to read that one too…

  2. I have read parts of the St Edmund book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't know anything about this King before I started.

    I also think I'll get Sarah Ferguson's new story, because I know someone little who loves any stories with mice in them.

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