The Supermarket Incident revisited

According to legend, Camilla Parker-Bowles was once pelted with bread rolls by ardent fans of Princess Di.

But is there a hole in the story? Is it possible Camilla was actually pelted with… doughnuts?

3 Replies to “The Supermarket Incident revisited”

  1. I've heard this story, too. I never truly knew if it was accurate or not. Thinking of her being pelted with doughnuts is hilarious, though. Camilla herself probably gets a chuckle from these stories.

    I definitely believe all three of them – Charles, Diana, and Camilla – had their own hand in the breakdown of the Wales marriage. I noticed, however, that Charles stuck with Camilla while Diana dallied with several men, some of whom were also married. That says a lot about the Prince and the Princess, I think.

  2. Camilla seems to be a woman with a sense of humor, so she probably does chuckle at it.

    After the divorce I was sure Charles would eventually marry Camilla, and I can remember some Diana fans getting angry with me for saying so… good thing I said it online, not in a supermarket, or I might have found out first hand whether the pelting was done with bread rolls or doughnuts!

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