Diana, Princess of Wales remembered 12 years on

Tributes to Diana, Princess of Wales are placed on the gates of Kensington Palace on August 31, 2009 in London. Fans gathered to remember Diana, who died in a Paris car crash 12 years ago today. (Sorry, the photo originally posted here is no longer available.)

3 Replies to “Diana, Princess of Wales remembered 12 years on”

  1. I was spending the weekend in London. On the Monday we went to Kensington Palace. The mood was astonishing in the depth of the grief, the sense of loss and in the idea of togetherness of everyone who was there.


  2. Thank you both for sharing your memories, and Lynn – happy birthday.

    I was volunteering for another royalty site when Diana died, and the outpouring of grief was staggering. She was loved by a lot of people, and it is sad that she's not still here.

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